The Cuesta College Foundation
Board of Directors

Anita Robinson Foundation Board President
Anita Robinson
Coast National Bank President
Debbie Perrault Vice President of Development
Debbie Perrault
Fundraising Professional
Dee Lacey Vice President of Membership
Dee Lacey
Lacey Livestock Owner
Tim Williams Vice President of Alumni Relations
Tim Williams
Digital West Network, Inc. Founder/CEO 
Kate Morgans Secretary-Treasurer 
Kate Morgans
Boys and Girls Club of
North SLO County CEO


Jim Anderson Jim Anderson
Phillips 66 Superintendent
Mary E. Howell Mary E. Howell
Nonprofit Manager
Casey Appell Casey Appell
Union Bank Vice President
Business Group
Grigger Jones Grigger Jones
Retired Attorney
Jeff Buckingham Jeff Buckingham
Norcast Telecom Networks President
John Knutson John Knutson
Cuesta College Faculty Representative
Bryce Boggs Bryce Boggs
Longcrier & Associates
Tax Manager
Jano Kray Jano Kray
403 Labs, Information Security Consultants
Manager, Higher Education
Michael Cabassi Michael Cabassi
E.C. Loomis
Managing Principal
Monica Millard Monica Millard
Cuesta College
Faculty Representative
Bill Carpenter Bill Carpenter
Richardson Properties
Real Estate Broker
Hunter Perry Hunter Perry
Cuesta College Classified Staff Representative
Roxanne Carr Roxanne Carr 
The Mortgage House
Division President
George Pudlo George Pudlo
Retired Architect
Michael Constable Michael Constable
Cuesta College
Associated Students Representative President
Anneka Scranton Anneka Scranton
Retired USC Professor
Jeff Darnton Jeff Darnton
Senior Director, Technology Operations 
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw
Retired Engineer
Susan Dressler Susan Dressler
Retired Cuesta College Administrator
Laurie Sinton Laurie Sinton
Sinton Helicopters
Patrica Ewins Patricia Ewins
Cuesta College Interim Student Services Vice President
Dr. Gil Stork Gil Stork
Cuesta College Superintendent/President
Rob Garcia Rob Garcia
Garcia Wealth Management
Group Owner
Iris Swisher Iris Swisher
Retired Rabobank Vice
President & Manager
Nella Girolo Nella Girolo
Retired Cuesta College Faculty
Pete Sysak Pete Sysak
Cuesta College Board of Trustees Representative
Gary Harkins Gary Harkins
Retired Physician
Dan Troy Dan Troy
Cuesta College Administrative
Services Vice President
Shannon Hill Shannon Hill
Cuesta College Advancement/Foundation 
Executive Director
Terry Vigil Terry Vigil
Live Oak Financial Owner
Douglas Hilton Douglas Hilton
Retired Superior Court Judge
Scott Wall Scott Wall
Andre Morris & Buttery Attorney
    Deb Wulff  Deborah Wulff
Cuesta College Academic Affairs Vice President

Honorary Directors

Barbara H. George

Frank R. Martinez
Jim J. Greathouse*

Grace N. Mitchell*
Jon Jenkins

Marie E. Rosenwasser
Milton Levy*