The following is a listing of perpetual endowments with earnings available for scholarships, departments, or specially designated awards (year indicated is date funded). 

  Acorn Scholarship (2001)  
  Ada Irving Nursing Endowment Fund (1991)  
  Afghanistan and Iraq Wounded War
Veterans Scholarship Endowment (2007)
  Alice Thompson Scholarship Fund (1995)  
  Ann Grant Nursing Endowment Scholarship (2012)  
  Anna Adams-Gohler Nursing Scholarship (1997)  
  Arlene B. Chandler and Everett M. Chandler Endowment (2002)  
  Arletta Dennis Moore Scholarship Fund (1991)  
  Audrey J. English and Wallace E. English Memorial Endowment (1992)  
  Avis J. Madden, R.N., Memorial Scholarship (1987)  
  B.T. and Bonnie Mills Scholarship Fund (2000)  
  Barry Frantz Scholarship Fund (2001)  
  Baywood Park Women’s Club Scholarship Endowment (1973)  
  Be Happy, Smile at a Stranger Drama Scholarship in Memory of Daniel Cicchini, Danny Boy (2005)  
  BeJae Mallory Blake Endowment (2007)  
  Bert Conklin Scholarship Endowment (1996)  
  Bessie Barnes Scholarship (1989)  
  Betty A Cousins Endowment (2013)  
  Betty A. Cousins “Queenie” Scholarship (1999)  
  Betty Nielsen Scholarship Fund (1994)  
  Blezilda “Blez” Soriano Maduli Memorial Scholarship (2008)  
  Brian Caldwell Scholarship Fund (1989)  
  Bud and Grace Myers Scholarship
Quota International of Paso Robles (2000)
  Burt W Polin and Virginia Polin Visual Arts
Endowed Scholarship Fund (2012)
  Burt W. Polin and Virginia Polin Nursing
Endowed Scholarship Fund (2012)
  C. Baring Farmer, M.D., Scholarship (1989)  
  C.C.F.T. Robert Hartwig Memorial Broadcast Endowment (2006)  
  C.M. Peart Family Endowment (2001)  
  Calvin and Ruth Gabriel Family Scholarship (1994)  
  The Carl and Carol Schliep Fund (1983)  
  Carmen Mauro Scholarship (1990)  
  Carol S. Judd Scholarship Endowment (2007)  
  Carolyn Ragsdale Nursing Scholarship (2005)  
  Central Coast Women’s League Scholarship (1985)  
  Central Shores Chapter of the Oncology
Nursing Society Excellence in Nursing Scholarship (2001)
  Charles and Marjorie Burkhardt Endowment (1991)  
  Charline Albertine Knight Nursing Scholarship (1993)  
  Chris Stodolka Scholarship for Academic Excellence (1994)  
  Christopher Giambalvo Memorial Fund (1995)  
  Christy Sweeny Scholarship Fund for Nursing Students (2004)  
  Clifford Engineering and Science Scholarship (2001)  
  College Grant Fund (1993)  
  College Readiness Endowment (1991)  
  Craig Farley Ryan Gift of Life Scholarship (1985)  
  Cuesta College Endowment Fund (1982)  
  Dallons/Bennett LRC Endowment (2013)  
  David A. Finley and Eva A. Finley Endowment (2002)  
  Disabled Student Programs and Services Endowment Fund (1989)  
  Dolores McLaughlin Art Scholarship Endowment (2007)  
  Don and Elaine Holley Coats Scholarship Endowment (2002)  
  Don Hansen Basketball Camp Scholarship (2000)  
  Doreen Chapman Bird Scholarship (2007)  
  Dori Lynn Deutsche Scholarship (2003)  
  Dr. Danny Lickness Nursing Scholarship (1998)  
  Dr. Gilbert H. Stork Scholarship (2004)  
  Dr. R’s Speech Scholarship (2006)  
  Dr. W. Boyd and Mrs. Carol Judd Scholarship in Honor of Anita Judd (2002)  
  Ed Atkinson Memorial Nursing Scholarship (1978)  
  Eleanor Sears Memorial Scholarship Endowment (1988)  
  Elizabeth Brown Endowment (1994)  
  Elizabeth Tudor Scholarship of the Central Coast Renaissance Historical Society (1995)  
  Emile and Pat Attala Endowed Scholarship (2012)  
  Ethel Cooley Scholarship Endowment Fund (1993)  
  Evelyn E. Cunningham Endowment (2010)  
  Faculty Grants Endowment Fund (1994)  
  The Farrer Family Women in Technology Scholarship Fund (2000)  
  The Fely and Harald Platou Scholarship Fund (1997)  
  Finley-Kolemaine Scholarship (2002)  
  Florence Eileen Shaffer Memorial Scholarship (1994)  
  Frady Family Scholarship Endowment (1998)  
  Frances A. French and Marion E. French Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment (2007)  
  Frank and Josephine Avila Endowment Fund (1993)  
  Frank and Lois Martinez “President’s Scholarship” Endowment Fund (1988)  
  Friends of the Library Lyn Vivrette Scholarship (2005)  
  The Gene and Dorothy Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund (2012)  
  The Gene and Dorothy Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund (2012)  
  The Gene and Fern Hulse “Twiggy” Award (1994)  
  Gil Peter “S.A.M.” (Scholastic Achievement in Mathematics) Scholarship Endowment Fund (1996)