Equity Data Coaching Program:

The Equity Data Coaching Program provides monthly trainings to a cohort of faculty, staff, and managers seeking to deepen their equity knowledge and skillset to successfully champion current and future racial equity efforts on campus. The training activities develop knowledge and skills necessary to compile, analyze, and interpret racial equity data and provide opportunities for participants to practice difficult conversations about race, racism, and racial equity data through case study work.  

Equity Data Coaches: 

  • Develop trusting relationships with other equity practitioners on campus
  • Understand key equity terms and concepts
  • Be proficient in using DE (disproportionate impact) tool to determine where gaps exist and for
  • whom and access whether gaps are substantive beyond a margin of error;
  • Analyze data using an equity-minded and race-conscious lends; and
  • Feel confident in navigating difficult discussions about racial equity. 

Meet Your Inaugural 2020-21 Equity Data Coaches: 

Katy Dittmer, Psychology/ Social Sciences 
Jeff Nachtigal, Languages/ Digital Communications 
Sally Demarest, English 
Mike Kinter, Math 
Anthony Gutierrez, Student Life and Leadership 
Silvio Favoreto, Biology 
Kelli Gottlieb, Physical Sciences 

For more information on data coaching, please contact the Office of Instruction:

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