The JEDI Academy on Curriculum and Teaching provides a cohort of faculty the opportunity to join in a collaborative review and redesign of their courses with an emphasis on centering equity. Faculty will work either individually or as part of a team, on one course that they wish to (re)design from an equity perspective. Throughout the Academy, we will focus on building community, developing cultural responsiveness, equity mindedness, anti-racism, creating engaging and relevant materials, and developing high impact practices. Sessions will provide training in developing equitable practices in teaching both online and face to face and in designing your Canvas site, syllabi, assignments, and grading. All trainings will be peer to peer led. 

Goals for JEDI:

  1. Reviewing student success data.
  2. Learning about the importance of equity and inclusion.
  3. Applying principles of student equity to our class policies.
  4. Redesigning course content to become more culturally relevant.
  5. Rethinking the classroom as a cultural space.
  6. Redesigning our assignments and assessments for transparency.
  7. Exploring equitable and inclusive communication with our students. 

Meet you Summer 2021 Inaugural JEDI Academy Cohort: 

JEDI Co-Facilitators: 

  • Lara Baxley- Chemistry
  • Matthew Davis-English
  • Katy Dittmer- Psychology
  • Rosemary Wrenn-College Success Studies, Teacher Preparation 

JEDI Graduates: 
Guillermo Alverez Pardo- Math 
Darby Axelrod- Nursing 
Idona Cabrinha-Music 
Monica Contreras- College Success Studies 
Gabriel Cuarenta-Gallegos 
Elisabeth DeSwart- Nutrition and Culinary Arts 
Inga Dorosz- Art 
Beth-Ann Dumas-Communication Studies 
Michelle Garner- Early Childhood Education 
P. Michele Gordon Johnson- Early Childhood Education 
Kelli Gottlieb- Chemistry 
Colleen Harmon-English 
Laura Harris, College Success Studies 
Marcia Harvey- Art 
Patrick Len- Astronomy and Physics 
Brian Locher- Kinesiology 
Amelia Marini- English 
Mechelle Medhurst- Kinesiology 
Sarah Miller- English 
Jeff Nachtigal- Journalism/ Digital Communications 
Eric Novitsky- Chemistry 
Alicia Paniqgua- Noncredit Adult Basic Education 
Rachel Pass- College Success Studies 
Virginia Roof- Early Childhood Education 
Jen Sanders-Moreno- Math 
Melina Simonds- Early Childhood Education 
Nancy Steinmaus- Kinesiology 
Erik Veach- Physics and Astronomy 
Cynthia Wilshusen-Accounting 
For more information on the JEDI Academy, please contact one of the facilitators: 

Lara Baxley- Chemistry 
Matthew Davis-English 
Katy Dittmer- Psychology 
Rosemary Wrenn-College Success Studies, Teacher Preparation