The Cuesta College Internship Program is a collaborative effort between the Counseling Department, Extended Opportunities Program and Services (EOPS), Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS), California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs), Financial Aid, Outreach, Student Equity and Student Success, Student Life and Leadership,  and the Office of the Dean of Student Services to implement a formal and comprehensive program that selects suitable and qualified master degree candidates as interns and provides them with appropriate experiences in the field.

Intern placements available in the following student service areas:


Monarch (Dream) Center 


Peer Mentor Program

Student Equity and Student Success

Student Life and Leadership

Special Events


Academic Counseling (General and CaFE)

Disabled Student Services and Programs




The 2019-2020 Internship Application deadline is March 3, 2019.

Application Checklist – All items must be submitted by the deadline listed above:

  1. Complete the Internship Application which requires that you attach the following supporting documents:
    1. Cover letter addressing your qualifications.  Please list the top program in which you are interested and explain why you are applying for this particular opportunity.
    2. Current resume including detailed information on previous employment and education, as well as a list of references.
    3. Copies of transcripts (unofficial) from all undergraduate and graduate colleges/universities you have attended
  2. Request that your university program coordinator complete  the Cuesta College Intern Program Recommendation Form.  Applicants must be academically ready for internship/field work hours.

Questions should be directed to Genevieve Siwabessy, Dean of Student Services (805)546-3130.