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Have you ever taken a Cuesta College course?

Yes:  Jump to Step Two
No:  Start at Step One
Currently Enrolled:  Jump to Step 4

STEP 1: CCCApply Account Creation

When completed, jump to Step 3
Step by Step Direction (PDF)

STEP 2: CCCApply Account Login (only for previous Cuesta College CCAP or Enrichment Students)

When complete, jump to Step 3
Step by Step Directions (PDF)

STEP 3: Cuesta College Application

All CCAP students need to complete this unless currently enrolled at Cuesta College.

If currently enrolled, Jump to Step 4
Step by Step Directions (PDF)
When submitted: Jump to Step 4

STEP 4: Have you set up your myCuesta account?

Yes: Jump to Step 6
No:  Jump to Step 5

STEP 5: Setup myCuesta Password/Account

You will need the email sent to you by Cuesta College with your student username and temporary password.

Step by Step Directions (PDF)

STEP 6: CCAP Permit to Enroll

All CCAP Students need to complete this form starting in Fall 2020 once for CCAP classes. Enrichment students will need to continue to do the Enrichment process each semester.

To complete:  go to Dynamic Forms

Student Directions (PDF)
Parent Directions (PDF)
Counselor Directions (PDF)
Principal Directions (PDF)

STEP 7:  CCAP Enrollment Form

This form will be completed in an approved CCAP with your high school instructor.  This is the form that will enroll you in the Cuesta College course. 

Go to: CCAP Enrollment Form
CCAP Enrollment Directions (PDF)