"I am excited to take all the courses so that I might get my library certification ... I have enjoyed every minute of this class and feel that I learned invaluable skills that I can use even now in my current job." - LIBT Student

The following courses are PROJECTED and are not GUARANTEED to be offered in this sequence.

All of the courses listed below are Distance Education courses. Note: LIBT 214 does require in-person internship hours.

All courses required for the certificate or degree must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Courses with an asterisk (*) meet ALA's Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSC).

    Fall 17 Spr 18 Sum 18 Fall 18 Spr 19 Sum 19
DIST 101 Intro to Online Courses X X X X X X
LIBT 201* Intro to Library Services X     X    
LIBT 204* Organizing Information X     X    
LIBT 205* Lib/Info Center Collections   X     X  
LIBT 207 Web Page Development X X   X X  
LIBT 208* Lib Teamwork & Supervisory Skills X     X    
LIBT 209* Lib Public Services X     X    
LIBT 210 School Lib/Media Center Services X     X    
LIBT 212 Research Skills X X X X X X
LIBT 213 Adv Internet Searching X X X X X X
LIBT 214 Internship - FAQs
Requires in-person internship hours
  X     X  
LIBT 215* Tech in the Workplace   X     X  
LIBT 217 Ethics in the Info Age   X X   X X
LIBT 218 Adolescent Literature   X     X  
LIBT 220 Fundamentals of CSS X     X    

View required courses or download program brochures in PDF format.

Library/Information Technology Degree (courses | brochure)
Library/Information Technology Certificate (courses | brochure)
Library Services to Children Certificate (courses | brochure)
Searching and Researching Strategies Certificate (courses)
Web Page Coding Certificate (courses | brochure)

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