Tuition and fees are mandated by the state of California and are subject to change at any time during the academic year. Please refer to the Cuesta College Catalog for out-of-state tuition information. 

Financial aid is available to help with expenses.  Contact the Financial Aid office at 805-546-3143. 

Printable cost sheet


Estimated Cost (Cost will vary)

 Estimated Totals

Pre-Program Expenses:


$155.00 - $655.00

Background Check & Drug Screen



Healthcare Provider CPR Card



Physical Exam (cost depends on
student’s healthcare plan)

$0 - $200.00


Immunizations (full cost estimate)

$0 - $300.00



Course Expenses (financial aid is available):


$876.00 - $1,094.00


 $170.00 - 238.00


Enrollment & Registration fees: 
9.5 credits x $46/credit+ fees



Materials Fee



Uniform (Shirt, pants, belt, shoes):



Parking permit (semester)



State Board Exam Fees



Post Course Fees



National Registry Application Fee $70.00  
Live Scan Fingerprinting $75.00  
DMV Printout (free if certified in SLO County) $5.00  
County/State Certification (SLO County) $97.00  


Estimated Full Program Total (Financial Aid is available):                             $1278.00- 1996.00