• PREREQUISITE CHANGES:  BIO 212L (Human Biology Lab) and a minimum of MATH 127* (Intermediate Algebra) OR MATH 128* (Applied Algebra) have been added to the pre-program admission requirements. Refer to the LVN Program Prerequiste page for details.  *For January 2019 ONLY:  Applicants to the LVN certificate program must complete the minimum English and Math prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better OR provide proof of having placed into ENGL 201A and transfer level math through assessment testing within the past year. Future applicants to the LVN certificate program, and ALL applicants completing an Associate in Science degree, are strongly advised to meet with a counselor to review their student education plan, and update if needed.

  • CNA WORK EXPERIENCE INCENTIVE:  CNA work experience is NOT mandatory to be eligible to apply to the LVN program.  However, applicants who meet all application requirements and who have worked a minimum of 500 hours in the past 2 years as a CNA can submit a CNA Work Experience Verification form with their online application to have their name entered an extra time in the random draw. Forms must be submitted with the online application by the application due date. Plan ahead and request your employer complete and return this form to you early. No late forms can be accepted.


LVN Certificate Program Eligibility Requirements:

The following must be completed to be eligible to apply to the LVN program:

  • LVN Program Prerequisites:
         - Prerequisite courses (or equivalent or higher level courses) must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by the due
            date stated in the current application.
         - For the January 2019 LVN application ONLY:  Assessment into English 201A and a transfer level math course will be  
             accepted in lieu of course completion. 
         - NEW for Fall 2020 Admission: Completion of ENGL 201A and MATH 127 or MATH 128 with a grade of “C” or better 
            will be required. Assessment placements will no longer be recognized for eligibility.
  • Official transcripts of prerequisite coursework:
     - Must be submitted to Cuesta's Admissions & Records office by the application due date.
  • Current California Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification:
    - Must be completed by the due date stated in the current application and submitted with your 
           online application.
  • Proof of completion of 12th grade education or equivalent (or higher degree)

NOTE: Additional requirements exist to earn a Licensed Vocational Nursing Associate in Science degree. Contact a Cuesta College counselor or refer to the Application Instruction Packet for more information.

LVN Application Checklist:

All items must be completed by the application due dates

  1. READ the entire current year LVN  Application Packet for detailed instructions and due dates.
  2. APPLY for student admission to Cuesta College.
  3. CONTACT the Counseling Department for questions about prerequisites, course equivalencies, and/or to find out if you need to submit a Pre-RN/LVN Course Equivalency form (pdf).
  4. SUBMIT official, sealed transcripts (from all high schools, and all prerequisite coursework completed at colleges other than Cuesta) to Cuesta College Admissions and Records by the due date stated in the current application.
    • NOTE: Foreign Transcripts must be officially submitted no later than two weeks before the application deadline to allow sufficient time for processing.
  5. PREPARE the following documents to submit with your online application:
    • A copy of your current California Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification card (or verification of state certification).
    • One or more CNA Work Experience Verification forms, documenting a minimum of 500 hours of CNA work experience in the past two years (optional, for name to be entered an extra time in the random draw).
  6. COMPLETE the LVN Online Application and click the Submit Application button at the bottom of the form. Plan ahead to submit early!  The link to the online application will be deactivated on January 31st at 4:00pm. No late or in progress applications will be accepted. No changes can be made to your application once submitted. Be sure to print a copy of your complete application for your records! 
  7. REFER to the LVN Application Instruction packet for important and time-sensitive information and notification dates regarding your eligibility and admission status.
  8. NEED HELP? If you need help completing your LVN Application, please sign up for a LVN Application Workshop (provided in January).
  9. SUBMIT your online LVN PROGRAM APPLICATION (link provided during the application period only) including ALL required application documentation, by the application deadline. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

NOTE:  Applications in progress cannot be saved. Be sure to read the entire application packet and have all your information and documents on hand before beginning your online application. Once submitted, your application is final and no changes can be made or additional documentation added.


For questions about the LVN program and application instructions, contact Brita Blue in the North County Nursing office at:  (805) 591-6200, ext. 4426.