January 2018 Application Course Requirement

 Cuesta Equivalent

Human Biology

 BIO 212* (3 credits)

College Reading and Writing

 ENGL 156* (4 credits)


 MATH 007* (3 credits)


* For prerequisite courses not taken at Cuesta College, contact a Counselor to see if you need to submit a
Pre-LVN Course Equivalency form (pdf) , along with supporting documentation. 

*Completion of higher level college courses, i.e. BIO 205 (Human Anatomy), BIO 206 (Human Physiology),
ENGL 201A (English Composition), and a transfer level Math course, with a grade of "C" or better are accepted.  Completion of Human Anatomy is strongly recommended. 

Additional LVN Certificate Program Eligibility Requirements:

 - Proof of completion of 12th grade education (or higher degree)
 - Current California CNA certificate (or verification of state certification)

Contact a Cuesta College Counselor or refer to the current Application Instruction Packet for more information