The 2019 RN Application Instruction Packet, for the program beginning in Fall 2020,
is available below. Applications will be accepted online 
October 1st - 31, 2019 at 4pm. 

Please note that the following information pertains only to the October 2019 RN application and is subject to change in future application cycles. Make sure to refer only to the October 2019 application instructions and link for current information.

2019 RN Application Instruction Packet

Read for complete information on program eligibility and admission for the October 2019 RN application. Also contains optional forms to submit with your online application.

2019 RN Program Eligibility and Requirements

Checklist for the October 2019 RN Application:

  1. READ the entire RN Application Instruction Packet (pdf) before you apply for detailed application instructions and due dates.

  2. APPLY for student admission to Cuesta College.

  3. CONTACT the Counseling Department for questions about prerequisites, course equivalencies from other colleges, and/or to find out if you need to submit a Pre-RN Course Equivalency form (pdf).  

  4. SUBMIT official, sealed transcripts, for all coursework completed at colleges other than Cuesta, to the Cuesta College Admissions and Records by the application due date.  NOTE: Foreign Transcripts must be officially submitted no later than two weeks before the application deadline to allow sufficient time for processing.

  5. PREPARE the following optional supplemental documents to upload with your online application (refer the Multi-Criteria Point Allocation (pdf) for details):
     a.  A copy of your current California health care license or certificate
     b.  A written statement to appeal your ineligible status or waive point deductions for course repeats
     c.  Work or Volunteer Experience in Healthcare form
     d. Documentation for Life Experiences or Special Circumstances
     e.  Proficiency in a Language Other than English Verification form

  6. COMPLETE the 2019 RN Online Application between October 1 - 31, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. and click the Submit Application button at the bottom of the form. All supporting documentation must be submitted at the same time you submit your application and by the application deadline. Plan ahead to submit early and be sure to print a copy of your completed application for your records. The link to the online application will be deactivated on October 31st at 4:00pm and no late or in progress applications will be accepted.

  7.  REFER to the CURRENT YEAR RN Application Instruction Packet for important, time-sensitive information and notification dates regarding eligibility, appeals, point notification, and notification of admission status.


 - For questions about webpage content or general program information, contact Claudia Ferriday at: or call (805) 546-3100, ext 2391. 
 - For questions about the ONLINE RN application, RN admissions, or RN Points Calculator, contact Adrienne Smith at: