The Cuesta College Physics Program engages students in the study of how the physical world works and why materials and objects behave the way they do. Physics students will learn to deduce the underlying principles and laws of nature, and apply those principles and laws to make estimations and predictions.

The Cuesta College Physics Program offers two sequences of courses. Physics 205A and 205B are courses in a general, trigonometry-based physics series designed for students who intend to earn professional post-graduate health degrees at medical, pharmacy, or veterinary schools, in addition to students who enroll in architecture and construction technology undergraduate programs. Physics 208A, 208B and 208C are rigorous courses that utilize differential and integral calculus to prepare students for physics, geophysics, science, and engineering undergraduate major programs. Students can earn an A.S. degree in Physics at Cuesta College, preparing them for transfer to four-year institutions or for employment in technical careers.