picture of MiikaMiika Ogata


"The ESL classes at Cuesta College are really helpful. Before I started taking ESL courses, I tried to learn English on my own for two years, but I didn't notice much improvement. However, after only a few months of taking ESL classes at Cuesta College, my speaking and writing skills have already improved very much.  I used to worry a lot about my English skills, but after taking a conversation class, I feel a lot more confident and now I even like to engage in conversations with people around me. In fact, the English skills that I have acquired have helped me fulfill my current job as a Zumba fitness instructor."

"The ESL teachers are very professional and kind. They are always very responsible and love to help students. I like to ask them a lot of questions, and they always explain things in a way that I can understand."





 juan castro pictureJuan Castro

Oaxaca, México

“What I like most about the ESL classes at Cuesta College is that the instructors are highly qualified. After taking ESL classes, I am now able to communicate better with my supervisors at work and because of this, they have entrusted me with more responsibilities. At home, I am now able to help my daughters with their homework because I am now capable of reading, writing, and speaking English."

"In addition to taking ESL classes, I am also taking welding classes at Cuesta College to obtain a Welding Certificate. I plan to use my welding skills at my current job and also personally, as a hobby, to make welding crafts. I also plan to continue studying at Cuesta College to get an A.A. degree in Agricultural Business and apply that knowledge to my current job, in a vineyard.”



 lucio velozLucio Veloz

Lima, Perú

"Up to this point, the class that has been of most interest to me is the conversation class because it has clarified a lot of questions that I had about the correct way to speak English. I decided to take ESL classes to improve my communication skills and to be able to be self-sufficient in the United States. I am an Industrial Engineer in my country and my goal is to revalidate my profession in the United States. The English skills that I have acquired, have opened many doors for me, including moving up to a higher level job. The ESL classes from Cuesta College open the doors to a lot of opportunities." 


carlos letonaCarlos Letona

Coatepeque, Guatemala


"What I like most about the ESL classes at Cuesta College is that the instructors are very professional and that we also get a lot of help from the ESL staff. I am taking ESL classes because in the future, I want to have my own maintenance and/or painting business. At my current job, as soon as my supervisor found out that I was taking ESL classes, he started trusting me with higher responsibilities, which I have been able to fulfill without a problem, thanks to my English skills." 


jesus sarmientoJesús Sarmiento

Oaxaca, México


“What I like most about the ESL classes at Cuesta College is that they offer a full range of classes in reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. The schedule of classes is also very convenient for me. Most importantly, all of the instructors are very nice and they give it their all when they teach. In addition, they are always available to assist us before and after class. I value the ESL classes so much that I don’t like to miss any days of class because I know that with only one day of being absent, I could miss out from learning a lot of great things."

"I started taking ESL classes because I wanted to communicate better with English native speakers and also to obtain a better job. Today, I am happy to say that I have accomplished both of these goals because thanks to the English skills that I have acquired, my supervisor has entrusted me with higher responsibilities. My supervisors tell me, “your English is very good and we understand you perfectly when you speak in English!”

"Before I learned English, I was always that person who needed someone to translate for them at the store, but now I am the person who translates for other people who don’t speak English. I am not afraid to speak English anymore!"

"After I am done taking ESL classes, my plan is to get a Mechanic Certificate from Cuesta College. I am very happy and thankful with everyone at Cuesta College because they help and motivate us a lot. Cuesta College’s ESL classes far surpassed my expectations!” 


maria rodriguez

María Rodríguez Torres

Guanajuato, México

“What I like most about the ESL classes at Cuesta College is that we get a lot of guidance about the services that are offered to us through Cuesta College, as well as guidance about how to obtain a better job. At my current job, when my supervisor found out that I am taking ESL classes, he acknowledged me by giving me an incentive and he continues to encourage me to continue with my education."

"The ESL classes have helped me be more independent because now I can be more self-sufficient when I have to communicate in English at the doctor’s office, at the store, or when I have to do simple things such as reading the letters that I receive in the mail, which are in English."

"I am taking ESL classes because I want to set a good example for my kids by showing them that I value education. In addition, after taking ESL classes, I also want to get my GED and then continue my education to obtain a technical career from Cuesta College.”  


rigoberto mora

Rigoberto Mora

Jalisco, México

“With the ESL classes that I have taken at Cuesta College, I have been able to improve my communication with the people I work with, especially my supervisors. In fact, my English skills have helped me defend my rights at work, including those of my co-workers. Learning to speak English has giving me the opportunity for my voice to be heard.”