arrow Apply for Admission to Cuesta

If you provide your Social Security number on the admission application,  you will be able to retrieve your login to the myCuesta student portal within the hour, unless further review is needed.  You will also receive an email from Admissions with your myCuesta login.  

Apply for Financial Aid 

 arrow Submit Official Transcripts and AP Scores

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores
⇒ High School transcripts
⇒ College transcripts, if applicable

arrow  Placement/Assessment Process

⇒ If you received a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent within the past 10 years, you will automatically receive your
     English and math placement results by completing the online admission application. To view your results, login to
     your myCuesta portal and access your email account under the "Student" tab. 
⇒ Submit Form A if you have AP scores (3 or above)
⇒ If you completed assessment testing at another California Community College or have CAASPP/EAP scores, submit 
     Placement Request Form along with your test scores
⇒ If none of these apply to you, please take the assessment test

 arrow Online Orientation

        ⇒ Please access the Online Orientation through your myCuesta student portal. 
        ⇒ Log-in to myCuesta and click on "Online Orientation" under your "Student" tab. (View instructions)

OPTIONAL IN-PERSON ORIENTATIONS (only available in MayJune, July & August)
⇒ For additional information and individual help selecting your first semester classes, small group advising sessions
     with academic counselors are available throughout the summer months.

Reservations are REQUIRED to attend these in-person myCuesta Orientations 
 Please call (805) 546-3952 to reserve your spot.
        ⇒ San Luis Obispo Campus: Orientations on Mondays and Fridays
        North County Campus: Orientations on Tuesdays

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