Cuesta College High Enrichment Program allows currently enrolled high school students to earn College credits. The Enrichment program is available to any high school student, who in the opinion of their school principal or high school administrator, would benefit from "advanced scholastic" or "vocational" college coursework offered at any Cuesta campus published in the online Class Finder schedule, which is open to the public and adult learners. Qualified students on their own accord, with the approval of their guardians and high school principal or administrator, apply and register under the Enrichment Program.

Here is why Cuesta College High Enrichment Program is right for you!

  • Classes are free for California High School Students.
  • Cuesta College has 36 Associate Degrees that guarantee admission to a California State University (Cal State)
  • We offer over 1,000 courses to help you earn college credit toward a degree, certificate and/or transfer.
  • Decrease the amount of time needed to complete a four year degree after graduating from high school. 

High School Enrichment Enrollment Steps

Need Assistance?

Help is provided online and by phone. Here is how you may contact us:

  • Email at any time. 
  • Join our virtual office during normal hours to meet virtually with an Enrollment Success Specialist.
  • Call (805) 546-3952. The phone lines are extremely busy during COVID-19, so please leave a detailed message and we will promptly return your call. 

Enrichment Program FAQs

Note for Parents

Student's Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of a student's education records by placing limits on whom may have access to the records, what information may be shared or disclosed, and how that information may be used. Cuesta College complies with FERPA and has strict policies and procedures in place governing student records, because students enrolled in the High School Enrichment program are considered college students (even if underage), Cuesta College does not permit access to their education records or disclose information to anyone (including parents). 

This means that if calling, emailing, or visiting Cuesta College to get any kind of student record information, the enrolled students MUST be the person of contact. We cannot give any student record information to parents or guardians, regardless of the student's age.  Students may authorize a third party access to their student records, by completing a FERPA release authorization.

How Does High School Credit Work?

High School Enrichment students take college courses. This means that Cuesta College does not make equivalencies to high school courses. Some high schools may give credit for out courses to meet high school graduation requirements, and we highly suggest you speak to your students high school counselor for more information. 

College Credit and Atmosphere

All courses attempted in the High School Enrichment program will become part of the student's permanent college record, including the corresponding credit and GPA. 

High School Enrichment students may be exposed to material you may deem unsuitable. However, Cuesta College instructors must teach based on the requirements of the course and have the academic freedom to teach in manner appropriate for the course. 


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