Cuesta College's Successful Launch Program is funded through the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). The  mission of Successful Launch is to increase educational opportunities, assist with the attainment of a high school diploma, explore career interests and leadership opportunities, and provide meaningful vocational opportunities to individuals in San Luis Obispo County between the ages of 16-25. The Successful Launch Program has partnered with John Muir Charter Schools to provide educational services to Successful Launch participants. 

John Muir Charter Schools is an accredited high school chartered in the state of California.  JMCS serves high school students ages 16-25 with the goal of holistically supporting and preparing students for sustainable life-long learning and employment.

  • Vocational and Career Exploration
  • Earn elective credits for working
  • Project Based Learning
  • Help with getting a job
  • College application and financial aid help
  • Assistance connecting to Supportive Services in the community

Successful Launch/John Muir Charter Schools

Successful Launch/John Muir Charter Schools not only deliver effective and attentive academic support and tutoring, especially for those students struggling in a traditional school setting, but also surpass other schools with its emphasis on vocational and life skills training.

Students are expected to make progress towards meeting work readiness competencies. Direct instruction, guest speakers, workshops and off-campus experiences provide opportunities for students to develop strong school and career success skills.

Two Sites in SLO County

Grover Beach Site

200 S. 13th St, Suite 210

Grover Beach, CA 93433

(805) 574-1520

Academic Site Coordinator: Melissa De La Cruz


Cuesta College San Luis Obispo Campus

Rm 4740

Building 4700

(805) 546-3168

Academic Site Coordinator: Jamie Bettencourt