What is ¡Zoom!?
Who is eligible for ¡Zoom!?
How does ¡Zoom! work?
How will ¡Zoom! help me succeed?
What are the ¡Zoom! program requirements?
How can I find out more about the ¡Zoom! program?
What is the ¡Zoom! Program?

The ¡Zoom! First Year Experience (FYE) at Cuesta is a rigorous, fast-track program designed to assist incoming high school graduates complete their pre-college-level English and math courses faster, helping them move into university-level classes sooner.

Who is eligible for the ¡Zoom! Program?

  • Graduating high school seniors who have applied and been admitted to Cuesta; AND
  • Placed below transfer-level English and/or Math (under course-level 200)

How does the ¡Zoom! Program work?

  • First Semester:  Students take 12 units of mandatory, custom courses (one each -  Math, English and College Success Studies)
  • Second Semester:  Students take 12 units, selected from the options listed on their Student Education Plan
  • Fall and Spring Semesters:  Required activities related to the ¡Zoom! FYE program, designed to ensure success

How will ¡Zoom! help me succeed?

¡Zoom! FYE students have access to the following support:

  • Free textbooks in Math and English (and College Success Studies 225 in the first semester)
  • Dedicated support from an Academic Counselor assigned to ¡Zoom! FYE students
  • Support sessions with an Academic Success Coach (provides guidance, develops study skills, access to resources)
  • Designated tutoring services tied to the ¡Zoom! FYE classes
  • ¡Zoom! Study Lab, where students can meet with a tutor or coach, join a study group, or work on homework with classmates
  • Faculty mentors who are part of the ¡Zoom! FYE program
  • Free workshops designed to build skills that help students succeed in their coursework

What are the ¡Zoom! program requirements?

  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 units, maximum 15 units
  • Take and pass all courses in the first year (grade "C" or better)
  • Meet regularly with Academic Counselor, Success Coach, and Instructors
  • Commit to the extra study time required for this accelerated program
  • Spend a minimum of three hours per week in the ¡Zoom! Study Lab
  • Attend Orientation, Success Workshops, Coaching and Counselor Appointments
  • Sign a contract agreeing to complete all parts of the program

How can I find out more about the ¡Zoom! program?

Before you apply to ¡Zoom!, make sure you have completed the following:

  • Applied to and been accepted to Cuesta College
  • Received a Student ID number (occurs via email when you have been accepted to Cuesta, starts with a 900...)
  • Completed your Cuesta Online Orientation in order to qualify for priority registration

    How can I apply to the ¡Zoom! Program?

  • Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are not available.

  • 2018-2019 Zoom students are currently enrolled in their first semester at Cuesta.