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The Business & Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) at Cuesta College works with private, public, and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful businesses. The results are wealth creation, job creation and retention, and better economic health in California.

By partnering with local and regional well-respected business growth organizations and educational institutions, the BEC and the entrepreneurs they serve can tap into an abundance of resources and know-how already in place, thereby enhancing the long-term growth and viability of local and regional companies. The BEC program supports local and regional economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, community-based business outreach centers, and other community-based organizations whose primary mission is to assist small businesses.

The Primary Objectives Include: 

  • The BEC conducts community research and creates targeted special projects and services that address the unique needs of the region. The BEC collects and analyzes community data and evaluates the economic needs of the region.
  • The BEC targets existing business clients and/or industry sectors most likely to create economic impacts and retain jobs. Clients and/or industry sectors should also have the potential to achieve significant increases in sales investment and to boost regional economic wealth. 
  • The BEC offers technical assistance, business consulting, workshops, and seminars to regional businesses, industry sectors, city and state agencies, and chambers of commerce to promote and support the continued growth of the regional economy.
  • The BEC provides training solutions aimed at improving the management and stability of regional businesses to lead to increased number of new and retained jobs, sales, and investment.
  • Areas of expertise include: 
› Marketing Strategies
› Operations Management & Improvement
› Marketing Research
› Customer Service
› Strategic Planning
› E-commerce
› Growth and Investment Strategies
› Economic Research and Analysis
  Business Plan Creation
› Business and Contract Law
› Financial Analysis
› International Trade
› Operations Analysis
 Human Resource Management