Which class should I register my child for?

If your child has never had swimming lessons before and is pre-school-aged, Angelfish or Baby Belugas level class is recommended.  Children 5 years or older with no water experience should consider a Clownfish class.  For students at least 5 years old with some swimming experience and who are comfortable in the water, Dolphin or Electric Eels class may be more appropriate.

I am signing up for several sessions this summer.  How do I schedule my child?  Can I put him/her in different levels?

Generally, it is not recommended that you sign your child up for each level, as passing a level is not automatic but based on completion of specific skills.  If your child has little water experience it is recommended you sign him/her up for the same level over multiple sessions.  For students more comfortable in the water, we recommend signing up for the level completed last year as a “refresher” and then moving on to the next level for additional sessions.  It is not uncommon for a child to remain in the same level throughout the summer – especially in Dolphin and Electric Eels.  If your child does pass a level earlier than expected, arrangements can be made with the Community Programs Office to transfer classes if class space is available. However, classes fill up very quickly especially the lower levels, so as soon as you are aware that your child is registered in the wrong level, please call 546-3132.

My child is fearful of the water, what should I do?       

There are many different reasons why children might be fearful of the water.  The best thing to do is enroll in classes with low student-teacher ratios, for example: private or semi-private lessons, or Baby Beluga or Clownfish.  Another option is to enroll in an Angelfish class with your child to help him/her with water adjustment.  Overall, children should be encouraged to learn at their own pace.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Children vary greatly in their learning capabilities and motor skills.  Every child will be given individual instruction at each child’s own pace. Repetition, patience and persistence are key factors in encouraging success to learn swimming skills and gain comfort in the water.

If my child misses a lesson when can he/she have a make-up lesson?

Our pool is scheduled to maximize community and Cuesta College student usage; therefore, we are unable to offer make-up lessons.  We keep class sizes manageable so each child gets some individualized attention, therefore, we do not allow students to switch or attempt to make up a missed lesson in another class.

Additional notes

  • First and second choices are required on your registration form
  • Please check the class descriptions carefully.  If your child is enrolled in the wrong level, you are not guaranteed a spot in a different level.  The Aquatics Lead will attempt to re-schedule your child however all other classes may already be full.
  • Early registration is advised especially if you are trying to coordinate multiple children at the same time.  These classes fill-up quickly.  Registration is processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Registration for each session closes at 2pm on the Wednesday before the session begins.
  • Walk-In registration is accepted at the pool for current sessions only.  However, there are no guarantees.  The class you request may already be full and/or cancelled due to low enrollment.
  • Swim Diapers are required for all children 3 years and younger or any child who is not potty-trained.  Due to Health Department regulations, diaper changes are not allowed on the pool deck.  Please use the locker rooms or restrooms on campus prior to arriving on the deck.