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FEE: $100 OR enroll for any individual class below at $40 each

DATES: 6 Tuesdays, February 4 - April 21, 2020

TIME: 6:00 - 8:30pm

LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 4750

INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Moore

QUESTIONS: Contact instructor at (805) 610-5623 or 

Register Online - CANCELLED

February 4 & 11: How to Earn More, Save More and Spend More 

Everything you wish you knew about money before you earned your first paycheck, bought your first car or rented your first apartment. Take the mystery out of making money, the fear out of spending it, and the pain out of saving it. Life lessons for the real world with simple practical tips, tools and anecdotes to make sure you master your money and never have to live in your parents’ basement.

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March 10 & 24: How to Buy Stuff and Why Your Credit Matters (or Does it?) 

Master credit basics: from understanding, establishing or improving your credit score to which credit myths are most dangerous. Explore the dangers of debt and how 20 minutes of take-out dinner can take 20 years to pay off.

Plus, learn how NOT to be a sucker when you buy a car (from the perspective of a former car salesman who sold more cars in a month than you’ll buy in a lifetime) with simple practical tips.

Discover what it means to “be the bank”, what it takes to buy a home, and why it’s never too early to consider buying your first. 

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April 14 & 21: Side Hustles, Investing and Time Travel 

Learn how to get your money a job, who will pay you to be old, and how to send money through time.

Understand how Mark Zuckerberg can help you sleep at night and other basic principles of stocks, bonds, insurance and investing.

Plus, we’ll evaluate online money tools and whether the FIRE movement makes sense for you.