When will classes be live on the website?

They are live now!

Where are my classes?

Workshop tracks have each been assigned a designated room number. See our Conference Map PDF

Will the snack bar be open/coffee available?

Yes! We will have it open the entire conference.

Where do I park and is it FREE?

Parking is free for the conference with no permit needed. Park in lot 2.

Can I register the day of the event?

Yes!  We love last minute registrations! Registration is open until Friday, September 27, 2019 (but some of the classes will be full, so if you want to save your spot, buy the conference NOW!).

Can I move classes?

Yes! We encourage you to find a class that suits you if the one you signed up for doesn’t.

How do I get a Private Critique Session (PCS)?

When you check in on Friday morning, go to the PCS desk and sign up. Remember to bring your two double-spaced pages to give to the instructor.

What should I bring (re: webinar)?

Your courage, something to write with, and copies of your WIP. Great details on this video: https://youtu.be/C0zO2dhzano.

Will there be coffee and water?

Yes! We will provide water bottles and water stations for you. Coffee is available for sale.

What about lunches?

Lunches are included all three days. We will have vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options, as well as many items to choose from including dessert and drinks.

Can I meet with my favorite author?

Yes!  You can sign up for a PCS, sit with them for lunch, or come to the networking events.

How do I know which class to go to?

You will be given a schedule and map in your registration packets. We have many volunteers to help guide you.

It’s a big campus - how do I get from class to class?

We have golf carts that are always circling and looking to pick you up. If you know you need it for every class, let us know, and we will have someone there for you at each class.

Can I come to the networking party at The Inn at Morro Bay?

Sure! We would love to have you. It is $50 and includes unlimited food, wine, beer, and tea. 

How do I get ready to pitch my work?

We have special 20-minute pitch honing classes on Thursday where you can pitch to professional editors and screenwriters.  They will get you ready to pitch your work!

What portion of my WIP should I bring?

Bring it all, and if you want to have a PCS, especially bring the two strongest pages!

Can I bring my dog?

No. Our apologies, but Cuesta is a dog-free campus. Licensed service animals only.

Is the campus handicap accessible?

Yes! Let us know what you need and we will facilitate it.

Can I just pay for one day or one class?

No - we feel that the strength of this conference and why we were voted “Best in California” is because this is a writer’s lifestyle event, not just a series of workshops. The power is in your collective experience.