Track/Presenter Workshop Description

Beginner Writing

Michael A. Stackpole

Winning with Serial Fiction E-readers and increased time demands have shifted how many readers consume stories. Shorter fiction (flash fiction through novellas) is more manageable for writers and readers, quicker to publication and often more profitable than longer works. New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole has written in many series, and produced works of all lengths. He’ll show you how to plot a series, provide some basic structures to use and point out ways that your shorter fiction can create a new audience for your longer-form fiction.

Writing for Screen

Doug Richardson

Congrats, You Just Sold Your First Screenplay to Hollywood. Now Comes the Hard Part You’ve sold your script. But now the bar is raised and the hoops to jump through are exponentially increased as writers must navigate the arduous notes process, demand for free revisions, not to mention the powers that be having the compulsion to fire the original writer in lieu of a more familiar and compliant scribe. In this class Doug will offer writer SURVIVAL STRATEGIES on seeing your movie through from first sale to successful premiere.


Kim Addonizio

Diving Into Metaphor The magic of metaphor: one thing in terms of another.  Metaphor structures our thinking and daily lives. For poets, it’s one of our most powerful tools. We’ll read, write, and think together about how metaphor works in our and others’ poems, both as controlling conceit and as local fireworks to create surprise and depth We will all try to remember the difference between metonymy and synecdoche, and we’ll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, or a tornado in a trailer park.


Jonathan Maberry

How to Move Your Work to Hollywood Jonathan will show you how to move your novel to the Screen! His Novel V Wars was just picked up by Netflix staring Ian Somerhalder. Jonathan will share the secrets and tips on how to move your book to Hollywood without losing your mind. Practical ideas and tips for any budding screenwriter or novelist.

Historical and Non-Fiction

Jordan Rosenfeld

The Power of Images to Enrich Your Writing After we build strong plots and compelling characters we can’t forget about the power of our sentences and subtext. In this session, you’ll learn how to spice up those dull scenes and how to transform a dull sentence with arresting prose, or sensory images that convey emotion and theme with subtlety. We’ll look at contemporary examples and tease apart metaphor and simile. We’ll bust cliches and use fresh images to say the same thing, only better. You’ll up your game by learning to use images thematically to plant subtext, create foreshadowing, and build tension in any story.


Mark Noce

Traditional Publishing for Authors  Explains how to best go about seeking a traditional publishing deal for an author, what the process looks like, and how it is both similar and different from independent publishing.


Dakota Shane

Medium in 2019: The Writer's Ideal Social Media Platform

In recent years, Medium has become a platform for writers to showcase their talent to audiences around the world. Many who write on it have landed book deals, speaking engagements, columnist spots, clients and more as a direct result of using the platform.

No matter what your writing goals are, when used strategically, Medium can help you achieve them faster than you might have ever thought possible.

This workshop will show you how to get started using the platform, best practices on it, what has changed on Medium over the past year and more.


Brian Schwartz

The Amazon Bestseller Blueprint

Brian Schwartz has successfully obtained bestseller status on Amazon for over 100 titles. He'll share the proven process he implements so you can do the same for your own book! The primary goal of a KDP bestseller campaign is to expand your audience and obtain bestseller status at some point during the 5-day giveaway campaign. The long-term effect is that for every book downloaded, it is added to the reader's profile. Because Amazon recommends products based on matching up buyer profiles, the more times your book is downloaded, the more likely your book will be recommended to similar Amazon shoppers. Those who read the kindle book are also reminded by Amazon to post a review. Additional titles from the same author will typically be recommended to the reader by Amazon as well. Authors who follow the bestseller blueprint are more likely to achieve bestseller status at some point during the 5-day campaign. Once your book makes it to the top 10 list of at least one category, you are bona fide Amazon bestseller for life. Can you really learn what it takes to become a bestseller in just one hour? If you show up, the answer will be YES!