Track/Presenter Workshop Location Description


Chantelle Aimée Osman

Crafting A Short Story  Room 6306 Telling a complete story in 7,500 words or less is easy when you create the key points in advance. This workshop will examine the fundamentals of a short story such as plot, point of view, setting, character, dialogue, resolution, etc. Participants leave with the complete foundation for a short story of any genre, as well as the knowledge of how to find a market for their work.


Catherine Ann Jones

The Art of Pitching & Story Structure 

Room 6304

Join this interactive and fun way to learn the tricks of the successful Hollywood pitch. Gain invaluable feedback on film pitches, useful for selling your book or film, from award-winning author, screenwriter/producer Catherine Ann Jones. Focus will be on story structure, rewriting your proposal and story, character development, point of view, & how to focus your pitch.

It’s all in the story and how to focus the story. Film or book, whether narrative or documentary, require an emotional response from reader and audience. Learn how to structure your story or proposal in order to successfully realize your project.

Novel Writing

Jordan Rosenfeld

 Scene Stealer: How to Plot Your Novel Scene by Scene Room 5401 Over-plotter, under-plotter? Struggles with plot are common among writers at all levels. This workshop will take the guess-work out of plotting by teaching you the key scenes that build your plot backbone, providing a refresher on the elements of a scene, and breaking down the specific kinds of scenes you’ll need at each of the key plot markers.  


Bryan Young

Freelancing  Room 6302 Want to get paid to write by a number of outlets? Prolific freelancer Bryan Young (Syfy, StarWars.Com, HowStuffWorks, /Film, Huffington Post, Script Magazine) will take you through the steps of how to get work writing about the things you love and how to give yourself the best shot to make money while doing it.


Lisa Coffman

Poem as GPS 

Room 6301

A poem can function as a hopped-up GPS system, locating with exquisite precision a point in a writer’s particular geography of time, place, and imagination. This workshop will offer exercises that guide writing toward a specific—and often surprising—destination. Poems by Tiana Clark, Jack Gilbert, Diane Gilliam, and others will help show the way.

Young Adult and Childrens

Ross Brown

Does This Smell Funny to You?  Room 6303 Humor exists in all genres (screenplays, fiction, nonfiction, even poetry).  And humor is an invaluable tool for any writer – even someone writing dark drama.  This workshop looks at ways humor adds value to all kinds of writing and discusses strategies for adding humor to your writing even if you don’t think you’re funny.  


Andy Ross

 First Lines Room 6307 First lines make a difference. Most agents and editors will have gone a long way in deciding if you are a talented writer by the time they have finished the first paragraph of your work.  In this workshop, you will be the agent. We will read and analyze the first paragraphs of real submissions to my agency . Some I rejected; some I chose to represent; some ended up getting published. I'll also throw in a few surprises, just for fun.  Based on our discussion of the first lines, participants will decide,  as virtual agents,  which authors they would choose to represent . Let’s see if you can guess which ones were published.

Writing for the Screen

Jonathan Maberry

How to Sell Your Novel to Screen  Room 7120 Hollywood has never been hungrier for IPs (intellectual properties –aka your writing!). With hundreds of cable and streaming services scrambling for content, the doors are opening for writers of all kinds, all genres, and all levels of experience to sell works for TV, movies, and other visual platforms. NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry (V-Wars - Netflix; Rot & Ruin - Alcon, and others) shares his experiences and trade secrets about getting on the Hollywood radar and working with industry pros to make the leap from written word to visual storytelling. 

Publishing and Agents

Zoe Quinton

Publishing 101: What You Need to Know About the Crazy World of Books  Room 6305 Whether you’re looking for a traditional publishing deal or thinking about self-publishing, you’ll need a roadmap to get you started. Zoe Quinton, freelance editor and literary strategist, will help you identify your goals and how to go about meeting them, including determining your audience and author brand, the pros and cons of traditional vs. self-publishing, and how to get started on either path.