Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING Wendelin Van Draanen   Dream Big, Work Hard, Don’t Give Up!
Wendelin Van Draanen will share insights from her twenty years in publishing, covering things she’s learned the hard way about 1) Writing your story (including finding ways to avoid the sagging middle and get to a strong ending) 2) Revision (its value and how to learn to love it), and give you 3) A peek behind the curtain of traditional publishing (agents, editors, copy-editors, design). Her goal is to help you solve the mysteries of publishing and keep you writing no matter the obstacles. Although not a requirement, Wendelin’s book on craft, Hope in the Mail, is a recommended supplement to this course.
NOVEL Zoe Quinton   How To Be Your Own Editor
Learn how to save yourself time and money by catching ten of the most common writing errors in your manuscript before sending it to an agent or editor.  
SCREENWRITING Linda Aronson   Television Writer's Table Practical Plotting Class
Have a go a starting to break a storyline for a TV drama serial.  *Limited to 5 students 
NONFICTION Katya Cengal   Nonfiction, The Art Of Crafting True Stories Part I, Scenes
Just because nonfiction is true, doesn’t mean it isn’t crafted. The best non-fiction books have characters you fall for and scenes that take you to another place the same way fiction does. They can be on the lighter side – covering life in baseball’s minor leagues – or heavy, looking at refugees and deportation policy. They just have to be true and captivating. This talk will introduce you to the techniques you need to create scenes that will turn your true tale into a page-turner. (You can take both courses in this series or just one).  
BUSINESS  Jim Azevedo  Introduction To Ebook Self-Publishing
While there is no such thing as a single, magic bullet to suddenly catapult your ebook onto the best seller lists, in this workshop we’ll reveal the best practices of the most successful self-published ebook authors. You'll learn how to self-publish with greater pride and professionalism. Simple, yet important strategies will be uncovered to help make your ebooks more accessible, more discoverable and more desirable to readers.