Track/Presenters Location Panel Discussion Topic


Deborah Leblanc, Kathryn Blanche, Catherine Ann Jones 

Room 6306  Why You Should Join A Writing Group


Peter Dunne, Zoe Quinton, Phil Cousineau, Eldonna Edwards

Room 6304 Put Your Heart On the Page 

Novel Writing

Nadine Nettmann, Jordan Rosenfeld, Jacque Ben-Zekry, Mark H. Parsons

Room 5401 Writing A Novel With Memorable Characters 


Katya Cengel, Heather Hummel Gallagher, Sara Roahen

Room 6302 How to Make a Living in Non-Fiction 


Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Lisa Coffman, Janice Konstantinidis

Room 6301 How and Where to Publish Your Poems 

Young Adult and Childrens

Henry Herz, Ross Brown, Diane Auten, Wendelin Van Draanen

Room 6303 Humor Sells! 


Jason Pinter, Natalie Obando-Desa, Bryan Young

Room 6307 New Tricks for Spreading the Word 

Writing for the Screen

Danny Manus, Doug Richardson, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, Donald H Hewitt

Room 7120 Writing the Perfect Script 

Publishing and Agents

Chantelle Aimée Osman, Jonathan Maberry, Andy Ross, Brenda Knight

Room 6305 How to Find an Agent That Works for You 

Yoga and Stretching

Tori Eldridge

Peter Sterios

Leslie St. John

Lawn outside 5401


Health and Fitness for Writers


Yoga for Writers