Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING  Mark H. Parsons What’s What In YA 2020 (And Beyond)

Discusses writing in the YA genre and how to succeed in the current market, including: How to write YA which meets those needs (without losing your soul in the process!), dealing with gatekeepers (agents, editors, and publishers), and how to do the research to find the right agent or editor for your project. Plus Q&A - come with questions!!!

NOVEL Phil Cousineau  The Writer’s Odyssey: Bringing Your Work Home
Have you ever felt as if you were wandering aimlessly with your writing, lost in the labyrinth of storytelling without a clue how to finish – to get home again? Take heart! This workshop explores the uncanny parallels between the writing life and Homer’s Odyssey by helping you visualize your work as a mythic journey. This intensive but entertaining approach will help you identify which stage of the writing journey you are on now, and through a series of exercises, will provide a map to guide you home with your completed manuscript. 
SCREENWRITING Richard "RB" Botto  The Do's And Don'ts Of A Successful Screenwriting Career
POETRY Janice Konstantinidis  How To Conquer Fixed Form Poetry – Poems That Rhyme
A Look Through the Lens of Rhyme and Meter
Learn how to discipline yourself; to make every syllable count. 
BUSINESS Tanya Strickland  Becoming An Instagram Influencer

Ever think about starting a blog, but then get roadblocked by the hassle of designing And maintaining a website? What if I told you there’s an easier way to share what you love?

In this class, you’ll learn the art of micro-blogging on Instagram, a free and powerful online platform where everyday people can create their daily dose of self-expression through captions, video and photography – one square at a time. All you need is a smartphone.

Self-Expression Through Instagram pairs tips, guides and personal stories about how this thirty-something mama created an Instagram page through her writing, structured it into a specific theme and built a community of like-minded readers around her. And, how some of that turned into a paid brand deals as well.