Ed Cobleigh - Why Do We Write?

To reach our writing goals, we need a clear vision of where we're going. A distinctive, personalized mission statement will give us essential focus and more successful writing. It's easier than you think to craft yours.

Brendan P. Kelso - Marketing Books in a Limited Budget

Congrats, your book is done! Now on to the other half….getting people to know that it exists. In this jam-packed hour, we will cover multiple aspects of how to market your book, from identifying your brand, finding your target market, engaging with the appropriate social media, using paid advertising economically, as well as additional ways to engage your readers so they talk your book up for you!

Kevin Clark - To Go Slow Or To Go Fast: Elegy And Velocity In Our Poems

Elegiac poems often gain power from measured pacing. Other poems—urgent, angry, soaring, etc.—often survive on speediness. What are the goals and methods of each of these types of poems? How does tone influence style? In an interactive class, we’ll discuss the different aims and techniques of both types, while reading model selections by contemporary poets, including Barbara Hamby, Bob Hicock, C Dale Young, and Susan Wood. Ultimately, we’ll try to identify the devices that might best apply to our own work, and, if we have time, we’ll start our own slow-moving or fast-moving poems.

Mary LoVerde - You Can Do It Too

Twenty-five years ago Mary LoVerde got fired from a big fancy schmancy job she loved. So she decided to follow her dream and become an author and professional speaker. She was unsure, as in, had absolutely no clue, how to speak, write, market, be an entrepreneur or live on any means other than a regular paycheck with benefits. Four international books, thousands of paid speeches, millions of miles and a cazillion amazing experiences later she knows a thing or two about how to write and speak successfully. Let her ideas be a shortcut to your own success. 

Mary C. Moore - Commercial Fiction: Polishing Your Prose To Make It Submission Ready

A discussion of common mistakes, clichés, and tics that can mark your writing as not ready for agents or editors. This workshop will focus on primarily sentence level construction.  

Natalie Obando-Desai - Get Your Book Published!

Join veteran literary publicist and founder of new indie publisher, Do Good Publishing, as she discusses how to reach out to literary agents and indie publishers with the right tools to sell your book. We’ll discuss making sure that you have everything that you need to stand out from the sea of submissions. You’ll also get a curated list of publishers from around the nation that are accepting submissions directly from authors and you’ll get to pitch your manuscript directly to the founder of Do Good Publishing. Who knows, you might walk out with a contract! 

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman - Navigating Hollywood From Outside Of L.A.

When screenwriters ask an industry insider for advice, the most common response writers hear is, “Move to L.A.” But Jeanne Veillette Bowerman says, “Not so fast.” Jeanne has built a strong network for herself right from her country home in New York State. When you live far from L.A., networking is crucial. Learn the enigma surrounding networking—and find out how to create a strong community of support. Traveling to networking events like pitchfests requires both time and money. Jeanne gives tips on how to get the best bang for your buck at a pitching event and turn a five-minute pitch meeting into a relationship that lasts years.
But efore you pack your bags, learn the secrets to preparing for a successful trip to L.A. and how to continue building those relationships after you’re back home. But if you’re determined to move to L.A., she’ll share advice on what to do to prepare before you call that moving van.

Jonathan Maberry - Writing And Selling Short Stories

The short story market is growing stronger all the time, thanks to advances in digital and audio publishing. There’s never been a better time to try writing and selling short fiction. NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry has sold more than one hundred short stories and has edited a dozen anthologies. He’ll unlock the secrets to successfully cracking this lucrative market.

Aaron Metchik - Six Weeks to Write a Screenplay

Aaron will teach you how to expertly and creatively get your screenplay done in 6 weeks. He has done it and will share his stories and knowledge with you.