Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING Shannon Wilkerson Brand Like A Pro
In this session, I will teach how to brand yourself as author in order to connect with your audience.   
NOVEL Jordan Rosenfeld How To Write With Page Turning Tension

Tension in novels, stories, and even memoirs is like the connective tissue that allows muscles to attach to bones, and thus flex their might. It’s the heart of conflict, the backbone of uncertainty, the hallmark of danger. It keeps readers guessing, and characters on their toes. This workshop will help writers master the art of tension on every page and within every element of the story to crafting a story your readers can't put down. 

SCREENWRITING Donald H. Hewitt Real Life vs. Larger Than Life Characters
What makes a regular person interesting enough to be the subject of a story and what makes a character larger than life. A fun examination of the two ends of the character type spectrum. Plus we’ll take a look at unlikeable characters. 
POETRY Paul Lobo Portugés Writing Short Lyric Poetry—The Haiku And Sonnet

Lyric poetry is a category of poetry, encompassing many different subgenres, styles, cultures, and eras of time. The defining traits of a lyric poem is usually an exploration of emotions and personal feelings. The most well known poet who wrote sonnets is Shakespeare; the most celebrated haiku poet is Basho.  In our brief seminar we will look at these two masters and discuss how to write the “modern” sonnet and the “contemporary” haiku.

BUSINESS Lolis Eric Elie Creating An "As Told To" Or Collaborative Book

I've just completed a book with Rodney Scott,  James Beard award winning chef. Doing an "as told to" or collaborative book like this presents its own set of challenges. But it's work that can be fun, if you want to help that person's story get told and work that can be lucrative.