Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING  Kathryn Blanche  Starting A Webcomic
Introducing writers to webcomic platforms such as WEBTOONs. Plus tools and tips for authors and artists interested in starting a webcomic.
NOVEL Christopher Moore   Ask Me Anything!
Q&A session with Christopher Moore! 
SCREENWRITING Ricky Roxburgh   How A Disney Show Is Made
Ricky has spent over a half a decade at Disney Television Animation helping to write and develop animated shows for Disney. In this class, Ricky gives you a peak behind the pixie dust and takes you from story idea, through development all the way to the premiere of what it takes to make a show at the most magical studio on Earth. 
POETRY Kim Addonizio   Let’s Write Some Poems!
Prompts of various kinds to inspire (& maybe share) some new writing  
BUSINESS Chantelle Aimée Osman   Perfecting Your Pitch & Query Letter

Learn how to write (and deliver) the perfect pitch. Most authors know how to write—until it comes to writing about themselves. We’ll go over the key points in both in-person and in-writing pitches and how to make yourself and your work attractive from the word go.