Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING Doug Richardson & Zoe Quinton Embrace The Suck
Stategies to writing during the lockdown. 
NOVEL Gary Phillips  Elements Of A Novel
Explore the elements of a novel with Gary Phillips.
SCREENWRITING Danny Manus How To Polish Your Script Tight & Right
As they say – Writing is Rewriting! And being able to rewrite and polish your script to a professional standard is what’s going to make it stand out. In this class, we will go through the keys to approaching rewrites and polishes – from the macro to the micro - and what to look for when tightening your script. We will go over how to make sure your script is connecting emotionally, your character arcs are strong, your scenes are tight, purposeful, and begin and end at the right beats, that your script is keeping the reader’s attention, and that your dialogue and descriptions are tight and on point. We’ll even go over the nitty gritty final polish stages that most writers forget to do.  
POETRY Lynne Thompson  The Skinny On Submitting Your Poems To Literary Journals
The workshop will epxlore successful strategies for getting poems published in literary journals and anthologies. There will be time for a Q&A following Thompson’s presentation. 
BUSINESS Shannon McManus  Bringing Your Words To Life With Audio Books
Shannon shares insights on the process of taking a written work into a performance medium and creating audiobooks, the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry.