Presenter Workshop Title Purchase
Anne Perry The Arc in Fiction and Non-Fiction Download
Aaron Metchik Improv to Improve your Writing Download
Anne Perry Finding the Courage to Write and Taking Risks Download
C.S. Lakin The 4 Essential Pillars of Novel Structure Download
Catherine Ann Jones Finding Your Voice in Memoir Download
Chantelle Aimée Osman 50 Editing Mistakes Authors Make Download
Chantelle Aimée Osman Interfacing with Fans and Network Download
Eldonna Edwards How to Choose an Agent Download
Jonathan Maberry The Writer’s Process Download
Jonathan Maberry Writing Fight and Action Scenes Download
Jonathan Maberry Creating Strong Characters Download
Kevin Clark A Most Adaptive Form: How to Write the Poetic Sequence Download
Kevin Clark Writing Without End  On Suspending the Need for Closure Download
Keynote Panel Creative Minds in Dialogue Download
Laurie Gibson Successful Book Signing Download
Laurie McLean The 10 Best Ways to Market Your Book Download
Laurie McLean Getting the Most Out of Your Agent Download
Lisa Abellera Social Media: Ways to Query and Pitch your Book Download
Mark Parsons Pathways to Publishing Download
Mary Weber Social Media for Authors Download
Mary Weber Millennial Marketing Download
Mary Weber Crafting the Young Adult Novel  Download
Matthew Woodman Persona, Perspective, and Poetry: Crafting the Voice Download
Mindy Conde Why Hire a Professional Editor Download
Nahid Rachlin Memoir Writing Workshop Download
Nahid Rachlin Writing Rules Download
Rob Edwards How to Survive Breaking Story Download
Sam Horn Turn Your Book(s) into a Profitable Business Download