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Songwriting 101 with Joe Hewes-Clark and Shea Kelly

$275, 8:00am – 11:55am, Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom C

Do you enjoy poetry and music? Have you ever felt the inspiration to write lyrics and create music but were unsure how to go about it? Join us as we explore lyrics and compositions in various types of music and the consistent themes occurring across them.  This class will help you figure out how to create, compose, record, & publish music. Use today’s technology, mixed with your creativity, and blend that with some basic music theory to create recorded songs to either keep digitally or publish online. Any level musician is welcome.

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Finding Your Voice: Free-Writing and Acting for Beginners with Julia Franco and Joe Hewes-Clark

$275, 8:00am – 11:55am, Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom A

This combination course interweaves creative writing with the performing arts. Start each day with a variety of free-writing and internal reflection practices—providing the tools for creative and confident self-expression. The second half of class will teach the basics of being on stage. Students will learn the techniques of both scripted and improvisational theatre. Diction, movement, posture, breathing, projection, and dramatic presence will all be explored. No previous experience necessary, this class offers a fun and supportive environment for students of all skill and experience levels.

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CFK Yearbook: Journalism and Photography with Kristina Evanko and Richard Fusillo

$275, 8:00am – 11:55am, Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom E1

College for Kids is such a fun experience... don’t you wish you could record the whole thing to remember it forever? Well, now you CAN! In this course, students will gain skills in page design, interviewing, editing, and photography while producing a creative yearbook. Learn the fundamentals of photography through exploring the artform with multiple techniques to elevate your work and personal style. Please have your student bring a camera (cell phone ok) each day.

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Brain Food: Breakfast Snacks and Science Experiments with Linda Wilson and Kristina Evanko

$275, 8:30am – 12:25pm, Cafeteria Kitchen 5100 (8:30-10:25) and Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom B (10:30-12:25)

Feed your mind in the kitchen before putting it to work with a series of hands-on science experiments in the lab. This is for all who love breakfast ingredients: in the morning, afternoon, for dinner, or for experimenting. Eggs, bread, muffins, biscuits, pancakes are on the menu - and not your regular recipes. Every recipe is a new experiment as we discover how ingredients interact and create the foods we love to eat. Once you’ve been fed, bring your love of science to the table! In the second half of this course, learn the basics of biology by turning an egg yolk into a bouncy ball and demonstrate classic chemistry principles through transforming milk into plastic! Students will be able to become well-rounded scientists and chefs through this activity-based class.

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Hungry for Design: Inventions in the Lab and Lunchbox with Amanda Shere and Linda Wilson

$275, 8:30am – 12:25pm, Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom B (8:30-10:25) and Cafeteria Kitchen 5100 (10:30-12:25)

Put on your thinking cap and prepare to construct your own inventions in the lab and the kitchen. In the lab, we will learn about solving human problems using inspiration from nature’s solutions, build models of existing designs, and create your own invention. In the kitchen, we will make and enjoy great food for lunch or snacks that are fun to make and fabulous to eat. Always new recipes while learning good kitchen skills. Every plate design tells a story – so be ready to create. New this year, teams will plate recipes and compete each day to win Design of the Day!

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Harry Potter and the Magic of Science with Nichole Guidotti and Amanda Shere

$275, 8:30am – 12:25pm, Building 4100 Outdoor Classroom D

Join us on an adventure uncovering the science of Harry Potter’s wizarding world and the magical power of the sun. Conduct magical experiments using everyday chemicals to make elephant toothpaste, erupting rainbows, lava lamps and more! Learn how to harness the power of the Sun and use it in different ways.