OFFERED: Session I and Session II - CANCELLED

FEE: $75 + $5 instructional materials fee

CLASS MATERIALS LIST: Contact instructor with questions

  • 12 sheets of graph paper
  • 12 blank sheets for notes.
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • 3 round household items

TIME: 2:00 - 2:50pm


MODE OF DELIVERY: Live Remote Instruction using Zoom and Google Classroom

  • REQUIRED: Gmail account

INSTRUCTOR: James Haney - I have 20+ years in Information Technology. I have lived in California since 1987 and seen a lot of change and hope I can help many young students learn that to be valuable is to know yourself and your capabilities. Don’t Limit yourself by the amount of education you have. Nothing is free and the amount of work put in will determine what you get out of any subject. I was born near scrappy little Steel town Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... I remember how it is to be treated like you an not the best athlete. That is why I had to become really good academically and is why I want to impart that on my students. Always strive to be the best and don't listen to the pundits saying you are really not that good. They slowly take the catch away from you.....and then your 1st Super Bowl til your 7th Super Bowl hear the nay sayers say they didn't realize you were that good. Always be the better person in the end is what I want to teach my students.