Friends of the Cultural and Performing Arts Center at Cuesta College thank the following people who have graciously and generously contributed to the development and success of the Cuesta Performing Arts Division.

Harold J. Miossi Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Arnold
Bea Anderson
Wayne Attoe
Lyn Baker
Warren Balfour
Danny Beher
Diane Brocato
The Cuesta College Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Dallons
Peggy Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Flory
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Forbes
Friends of the CPAC
Mr. and Mrs. George Galvan
Nella Girolo

Sandy Halvorson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harway
Amy Harway
Carol Kiessig
Mr. John Knutson
Ms. Linda Long
Jenn Martin
Mr. Kevin McGurty
Marlene Peterson
Penny Porter
Marie Rosenwasser
Joan Gellert Sargen
The Sargen Family Trust
Dennis Schneider
Cassandra Tarantino


Special thanks to our Friends of the CPAC Council
for their tireless contributions of time, expertise and fundraising!

Roxanne Carr
Bea Anderson
Wayne Attoe
Warren Balfour
Nancy Douglas
MaryEl Hansen
Warren Hansen
Shannon Hill
John Knutson
Mary Howell
Marcy Irving
Jennifer Martin
Marlene Peter
Joan Gellert Sargen
Karen Tacket
Craig Updegrove