Information and Logistics

Throughout the four weeks of Black History Month, Cuesta College and Central Coast New Tech HIgh will provide guided slide decks of curriculum for neighboring schools and communities  to utilize and interact with to learn. 

Each week's slide deck will cover a particular topic for individuals to better understand themselves and one another. 

Every week is broken up into five 10-15 minute activities participants can complete individually and at their own pace. At the end of the week, all who participated are invited to join a Friday Zoom call/webinar hosted by the Cuesta Black Student Union. 

All important Zoom links will be located at the end of every guided slide deck. 

Make a copy of the reflection packet you will be using throughout the month

Link To Reflection Packet

Week #1  What are my identities and how do I listen to the identities of others? Storytelling Panel & Workshop:
Experiencing Intersectionality

4:00pm- 5:30pm

ZOOM ID: 659 595 9570

#1 Slide Deck Link
Week #2 How do we celebrate and uplift Black voices? Paint NIght Mixer: Link to Sign Up Form Tues 2/9  

ZOOM ID: 659 595 9570 #2 Slide Deck Link
Week #3 How do my identities affect how I am represented? Black Entrepreneurial Summit

Wed 2/17 

ZOOM ID: 659 595 9570

#3 Slide Deck Link 
 Week #4 How do we continue our momentum in supporting Black voices?  Black Talent Gathering + Call to Action Workshop

 Fri 2/26

ZOOM ID: 659 595 9570

#4 Slide Deck Link