Benefits of Internships F;yer

Come to the Benefits of Internships Workshop on October 30th at 10:30 in Room 5401!

Meet local employers who are looking for Cuesta College Interns.  

Industries represented include Non-Profit, Social Work, Water Treatment, Information Technology, Education, Health and Wellness, Personnel Services, Student Services, Radio Broadcast, Marketing, Media and more!

Free coffee and donuts and a chance to win more prizes!


Why Do an Internship?

In a highly competitive job market, you will need to make yourself stand out among others. Since employers prefer to hire those who have career-related work experience, internships can be crucial to your job search. The experience you gain might not perfectly match your major or your chosen career path, but it will give you transferable skills, a notable work ethic, and a competitive edge. Your internship experience will also expose you to professionalism and allow you to observe how skills and ideas are applied in the real world.

Some reasons to do an internship are…

Gain Work Experience
Create a Competitive Edge in the Job Market
Networking Opportunities
Decide if a Field is Right for You
Apply Classroom Knowledge to the Real World
Develop your Resume and Build Confidence

Professional Man and women discussing business in front of a computer.        Internship Program

If you are ready for on-the-job training, the Internship Program is for you. An internship provides on-the-job training in a skilled or professional level work environment related to a student's area of study.

As an intern, you:

  • Enroll in a WEXP course or Internship Course and earn academic credit for paid or volunteer positions
  • Learn about your chosen career
  • Acquire hands-on job experience in a carefully-structured and individualized program
  • Experience current practices in your chosen filed
  • Obtain professional guidance in interviewing techniques, job search, and resume development

Assistance in obtaining an internship:

  • Make an appointment with your Career Connections staff to start the referral process
  • For your appointment, bring copies of your resume and unofficial transcripts

The Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center Internship Program provides students with a variety of experiences and knowledge that will create an awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the important roll that sustainability plays in our economy, environment, and society.
Interns engage in a variety of technical, practical, and educational experiences that promote  sustainability “best practices” in K-12 teaching, community programs, technology, and business.  Interns may work directly within the Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center or may work directly with local organizations and businesses to promote and develop sustainability.