1 st - STUDENT PARENTS attending on campus; full time student parents
2 cd - STAFF or FACULTY of Cuesta College
3 rd - COMMUNITY at large

Families currently enrolled have priority for selecting children's program slots/schedules for each semester. Contracts go out in November for spring semester, April for summer semester, June for fall semester. December and May we begin calling from our waiting lists based on the openings we have after currently enrolled parents have made their requests. During summer semester our program is reduced so fewer spots are open. If a family chooses not to enroll for the summer semester, they will still have priority for fall semester openings (many student parents chose to stay home with their children or work instead of going to school, so the summer schedule does not work for them).

We begin a new waiting list the last week of August for the upcoming spring semester, and the last week of January for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.

Your child must be 18 months old by the beginning of the upcoming semester to get onto the waiting list. It usually takes two semesters on the wait list to be enrolled. Be sure to call back each semester to remain on the waitlist.

To get on the waiting list for San Luis Obispo call 805-546-3285, or 805-546-3263, or for the North County Campus call 805-591-6292.