Mindfulness, Meditation and Anxiety Management Techniques Workshop

There are many ways to relieve the effects of stress on our mind, body, and life. Students are welcome to join us to improve their mental health and success during finals.

Taller de técnicas de atención plena, control de la ansiedad y meditación

Hay diferentes formas de aliviar los efectos del estrés en nuestra mente, cuerpo y vida. Los estudiantes que hablan español son bienvenidos a participar para juntos fortalecer nuestra salud mental en tiempos de crisis.

Loneliness Epidemic workshop, by Dara Sheik, LCSW: This workshop intends to shine light on our modern day experiences of loneliness. Recent research about loneliness and its consequences will be considered while a multi-dimensional approach to understanding loneliness will broaden our perspective on this contemporary topic. We discussed social media and how its use contributes to such problems in our lives.

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Behavioral Interventions and support Workshop 1 by Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D: Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in the number and severity of behavioral incidents in the classrooms and on campuses. More and more, it is incumbent upon instructors to intervene in the classroom to address behaviors that can interfere with teaching and learning. Using a combination of lecture and case studies taken from actual incidents, this workshop will provide instructors with tools to appropriately address these behaviors. Participants will be provided with skills to prevent disruptive behaviors, to react to them, and tips on how to enhance their own campus procedures to address abhorrent behaviors.

Behavioral Interventions and support Workshop P2 by Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D: More and more, front line office staff, residence life staff, and office managers find themselves having to manage unruly students, parents, and visitors in their office environment. Preventing the disruption before it begins is key, but managing difficult people is a learned – not innate – skill. Using proven techniques, the presenter will draw on actual cases from experience managing office environments and training in diffusing difficult situations to teach participants how to prevent and handle these delicate situations by “staying centered.” Our presenter has presented these techniques to over 1,000 managers and supervisors in the corporate and higher education environments, as well as to front line student staff and law enforcement.

Case management video series (Andy): resource/video from Behavioral Interventions Workshop.

Case management video series (Nick): resource/video from Behavioral Interventions Workshop.

Digital Tools

Disruptive and Dangerous Companion Guide: This guide is a reference from Behavioral Interventions Workshop.


Kognito trainings teach faculty, staff, and students to recognize mental distress, with the goal of connecting students to support services. Avatars will simulate a variety of scenarios to help you learn to:

-Recognize the common signs of emotional distress
-Approach peers with greater skill and confidence
-Effectively refer peers to campus mental health services
-Learn about college-specific mental health services and referral process







Take 30 minutes to complete the Kognito At-Risk Online Interactive Training and Win $50.00 Gift card!

*follow the link, create an account to login and access to the free training videos.

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Student 101 & Cuesta Campus Well is one of the ways that we are working to enhance Cuesta College’s culture of wellness. Campus Well is a FREE, online magazine covering a variety of college health issues including stress, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, safe sex, colds, flu, and more. we believe that the health and wellness of our students is the foundation for academic and life-long success. Our features provide students evidence-based approaches to positively influencing health, wellness, productivity, motivation, and more.

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