Whether it's a cut or a cough, most people are not ashamed to call the doctor for an appointment to get it looked at and possibly take a prescription to treat an illness. In fact, if we don't get medical attention our loved ones may comment that we are not taking good care of ourselves. 

Health is about caring for the wellness of our whole being: body, mind, and soul. So, why might we hesitate to call a counselor to talk about stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, or to help us heal our emotional wounds or broken relationships?

Mental health advocacy is needed to address the stigma around accessing mental health services because not everyone has mental illness, but we all have mental health. Seeking a therapist to help us when we  need support and guidance is a healthy and positive strategy for life long personal development and emotional balance.

MindWise Cuesta

Behavioral health - which includes mental health, substance use and more- is a key part of your overall well-being. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a behavioral health professional. Think of these as a checkup from your neck up. This program is completely anonymous, confidential, and do not transfer with academic records. Contact us for more information.