Embedded Tutor Program

Embedded tutors work closely with the instructor for the duration of the course. The tutor may attend all or certain class meetings each week. Class attendance is based on the needs of the students and the structure of the class. In the classroom, the embedded tutor functions as a mentor and a model for successful academic strategies and habits. The embedded tutor can also serve as a supplemental peer educator holding review sessions for students outside of the designated class time. An embedded tutor may offer a seasoned student voice to class discussions, lead small break-out sessions, or provide one-on-one mini-tutorials. Embedded tutors can offer in-class tutoring, help foster connection for the students with college academic support services, and address essential academic skills necessary to succeed in college level coursework.

Embedded tutor requests are faculty generated. Please contact the student success center for more information:

email: ssc@cuesta.edu
phone: (805) 546-3150

Printable PDF: Embedded Tutoring FAQs