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AB540 Nonresident Tuition
Exemption Request

Exemption from paying nonresident tuition if student meets four requirements.
Official transcripts must be submitted to Cuesta.
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Academic Renewal

Grade alleviation of coursework for any term/session to be disregarded if conditions are met.
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Add Card

Late Add

Add classes online in myCuesta within deadlines.  As of first class meeting, instructor issued add code required. if submitting Add Card, it must be postmarked, faxed, emailed or brought in-person within deadline with government-issued photo ID.  Missed add deadline due to extenuating circumstances? 
Submit Late Add Petition (Once submitted form will be sent to instructor for approval). View Policy
Degree Application
Submit degree application within two terms of completing requirements.
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Auditing Course Available on a space-available basis. Dual Enrollment/Enrichment may not audit.
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Certificate Application Submit certificate application within two terms of completing requirements.
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Change of Information Correct date of birth, update educational goal, update release of Directory Information.
In myCuesta, you can update online: mailing address, program/major
Change of Educational Level Submit if highest level of education reported incorrectly on admission application.
Change of Name To update/change legal name on Cuesta records, submit form with copy of government-issued ID.  For Federal financial aid, legal name must be identical to name on Social Security card.  View Policy

Update SSN

To update or correct Social Security number on records, submit form with copy of Social Security card.
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Credit by

Also known as challenging a course by taking a test to earn a grade of an approved credit by exam course.
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Credit Overload

By approval of a Cuesta counselor, enroll above 19.0 credits in spring/fall or above 9.0 in summer.  Not available to Dual Enrollment/Enrichment student.
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Dismissal Reinstatement Workshop

Complete workshop to be readmitted from Dismissal.
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Drop Card

Drop classes online in myCuesta within deadlines.  If submitting Drop Card, it must be postmarked, faxed,  emailed, or brought in person within deadline with government-issued photo ID.
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Drop without W Petition

Drop without W deadline is end of second week for full term course, and includes a partial refund.
Deadline to drop without W for short term or summer course is within 20% and includes partial refund if within 10% of course.  View Policy

Enrollment Verification

Credentials Solutions provides students, alumni, employers, and other organizations instant online enrollment verification and/or degree verification results.

Current students may obtain a copy of their enrollment records for no cost via the myCuesta portal.
Go to the Student tab -> Steps to Success channel and click on "Request Enrollment Verification."

Excused Withdrawal Petition Request for an EW grade, which is not counted in academic standing or course repetition.  Documentation verifying extenuating circumstances beyond student's control must be submitted. View Policy
FERPA Code A FERPA code works in place of a photo ID to allow Cuesta College to verify student identity over the phone. We do this in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects your information as a student.
Form A Prerequisite Clearance:  Request review of your transcript and/or AP test scores for registration into a specific course with a prerequisite requirement.
Form B

Prerequisite Challenge:  Based on the grounds provided in Title 5 CCR §55003.
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Form C Physics Prerequisite Evaluation:  For clearance of Physics courses completed at another institution.
CSU GE Certification Verify with a Cuesta counselor you are on track to receive a GE Certification.  View Policy


Documentation of Independent Student Status:  Homeless Youth under 25 years of age, who has been verified during the 24 months immediately preceding the receipt of his or her admission application may be eligible for early priority registration.  View Policy

IGETC Certification

Verify with a Cuesta counselor you are on track to receive an IGETC  Certification. View Policy
Independent  Study In-depth study in a selected topic under direction of an instructor.
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Pass/No Pass Grading "GP" courses grading option in Class Finder may be taken for pass/no pass grading.
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Permit to Enroll Dual Enrollment (Enrichment) students in Grades 9-12 authorization to enroll by Principal and parent/guardian. View Policy
Petition to Reinstate Enrollment Priority and/or CCPG

Students may petition for reinstatement one-time only based on specific criteria.  A Comprehensive Student Education Plan is required.


 List of Computer Enforced Prerequisites.  Submit Form A, Form B or Form C (see above) to request prerequisite clearance.  View Policy

Repeat Petition
4th Attempt

This will be your fourth attempt to pass the class.  If this will be your third time, see Third Enrollment  Agreement.  View Policy

Repeat Petition
Prior C or Higher Grade

You have previously completed the class with a grade of C or higher.
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Readmit Card

 Student inadvertently dropped or was dropped by instructor and needs to be re-enrolled. View Policy

Refund Request

 Credit balances remain on student's account unless a refund request submitted.

Repeat Course in Same Term Same Time

Enroll in two or more sections of the same repeatable credit course during the same term as long as they are not enrolled in more than one section at any given time for the length of the course. View Policy

Replace Diploma or Certificate

 Replace diploma or certificate.  View Policy and Fee

Schedule Conflict Petition

 Request approval to enroll in two overlapping courses.  View Policy

Statement of Legal Residence

 California residency reclassification request.  View Policy

Student Representation Fee Waiver

Opt out of Student Representation Fee.

Third Enrollment Agreement

You have previously completed the class two times but did not pass.  This will be your third attempt to repeat and pass the class.  View Policy


Order official transcripts online by either electronic (PDF) or hard-copy/paper.

Transfer Card

 Transfer from one CRN to another of exact same course and same start/end date.  View Policy

Update GPA

Request GPA and course alleviation for Cuesta class repeated for a passing grade at another school. 
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Missed the last drop with W deadline due to extenuating circumstances that can be verified with documentation?  See Excused Withdrawal Appeal above.

Missed drop without W deadline?  Petition must be submitted within the term with documentation dated within the drop without W deadline to verify extenuating circumstances.  If circumstances occurred after this deadline, see Excused Withdrawal policy and petition.

Submit Petition Drop with Without W with supporting documentation attached.
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