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What is the View button?

The View button allows you to change the format of your audit. There are 3 available views:

  1. Student View shows all of your requirements both satisfied and unsatisfied.
  2. Graduation Check List shows a concise list of the requirements that have been satisfied.
  3. Registration Check List shows a concise list of the courses that need to be taken.

To change the View of your audit, use the drop down menu under "Format" just to the left of the View button. Select the View you would like to see, and then click on the View button.

Should I regularly Save and/or Print audits?

Since myCuesta Pathway uses data stored in Banner and is updated nightly, it should not be necessary to regularly Save and/or Print your audit. It will be available to you online from anywhere at any time.

Why can’t I type a student’s name into the Name field under Worksheets?

You may only view your own audit.

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