Students are eligible to register in transfer-level math and English classes regardless of any placement you have received in the past. Check your Student Education Plan (SEP) in myCuesta Pathway in your myCuesta portal to view your academic plan.

To be cleared to register for a course listed below, complete:  PLACEMENT TOOL

Transfer-Level Math Course Transfer-Level English Course

Math 220 - Math for Elementary School Teachers
Math 229 - Trigonometry (requires strong algebra skills0
Math 230 - College Math for the Humanities
Math 231 - Trigonometry with Geometry
Math 232 - College Algebra (requires strong algebra skills)
Math 242 - Precalculus (requires strong algebra skills)
Math 247 - Introduction to Statistics

English 201A - English Composition
Math Preparatory Course English Preparatory Course
Math 127 - Intermediate Algebra
Math 128 - Applied Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
English 180 - Intro to English Composition
Math Flow Chart English Flow Chart

Placement options to place into an ENGLISH or MATH course not listed above:

Completion of course listed above with a grade of 'C' or higher will meet the prerequisite requirement for next level course.  Alternatively, your options for prerequisite clearance may be met by either AP Exam score OR course completion at another school.  See below for prerequisite clearance options:

Placement Options to place into all other courses/subjects:

See List of Computer Enforced Courses that require prerequisite clearance.