1. Notifications are crucial to the success of your course. You can choose to receive them "daily" so as not to flood your e-mail. On the left menu, click on "Account" then "Notifications" to set them up.
  2. Have you tried to access your course through the Canvas mobile app (iOS, Android)? Canvas is constantly adding functions to their app, to make it more like an in-class experience and give you the same abilities as if you were using a web browser on your laptop/desktop.
  3. Make sure to check out "what if grade."  As a student, you can view your grades based on What-if scores so that you know how grades will be affected by upcoming assignments that you can type in. Go to your course and click on Grades.
  4. Always make sure to copy what you've typed, especially a significant response to a discussion or assignment. Copy and paste it into a word document (or notepad) before clicking the submit button. Why do this? There's always a chance that you could lose what you've typed. By saving it before you submit it you've got a back-up of all your hard work.
  5. Be sure to log in to your Canvas account prior to school starting. When you first log into the Canvas system, you should be looking at the Dashboard. It’s possible that you won’t have any courses showing up on this screen, even if you’ve already enrolled in classes. Don’t panic! Courses will only display on the Dashboard screen in Canvas once your instructors have published the course sites.
  6. As with all Cuesta courses, whether online or in person, expect to put in the appropriate amount of class and study time. For a 3 credit course at Cuesta you should expect to spend at least 3 hours per week in class or navigating your course via Canvas.  Most importantly multiple the 3 credits times 2 and this gives you the weekly time you should be additionally spending on homework, reading, and class discussion posts. Ultimately expect to spend a minimum of 9 hours per week for a 3 unit course at Cuesta.
    Online courses offer great convenience but keep in mind they are not easier than in-person courses. Please try and spend additional time the first 2 weeks of an online course to become comfortable with online course navigation as well as instructor expectations for your successful participation in the course.
  7. Finally, consider enrolling in Dist 101- Intro to Online at Cuesta. This 3 week course introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course. You can determine if distance education is right for you and learn academic and technological skills for success in online classes.