General Rules of Disbursement

Funds are always disbursed on Tuesdays, and the amount is reported to BMTX, Inc. on Thursday.  

Fall and spring terms have two primary disbursement dates, while summer term has only one disbursement date.  Certain funds, like the Pell Grant, must be split and paid on two separate dates each term.  Others, like loans, may disburse on the first disbursement date only. 

Disbursement dates are available on your myCuesta student portal. Remember that the date shown is a Tuesday, but you'll likely receive the funds on Friday or later. Please plan accordingly.

To see if funds disbursed for you on a Tuesday: check your "Pay Fees- View Account" on the myCuesta student portal on the Tuesday afternoon that you are expecting a disbursement.  If we have disbursed funds to you, you will see a "refund" posted, the amounts, and a negative or reduced balance on your account.  If the balance is negative, it is a refund coming to you via your refund preference.  

Is your file ready?

If your awards are posted prior to the start of the semester, they will disburse on the main disbursement dates of the term.

Is your file late?

If your awards are posted after a main disbursement date, they will first disburse on the next Tuesday that comes along, because we run disbursement every week (with exceptions for holidays) during the semester to pay late filers their money. 

Do you have late start classes? 

If you are receiving Federal Pell Grants, remember that the amount you are paid is based on the number of units you are enrolled in and attending. For example, if you are enrolled in 12 units but 3 of them start later in the semester, then on the 1st disbursement date, you will be paid the amount for 9 units because these are the units you are enrolled in and attending. Then, once your 3-unit late start class begins, you will be paid for the remaining units.

Did you just have a SAP appeal approved?

If your appeal is approved (and your awards are already posted), your funding will disburse on the next Tuesday that comes along because we disburse funds every Tuesday during the semester!


Are you having a problem with your disbursement? 
  • If there seems to be a problem with the amount that was disbursed, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • If you would like to cancel or not recieve a portion of your disbursement please email the Financial Aid Office
  • If you are having a problem with selecting your refund preference or receiving your funds, please contact The BankMobile Disbursements Team for help first.