Cuesta as a Home Institution

As a matter of policy, Cuesta College will not enter into a consortium agreement as a home institution except under very rare and unavoidable circumstances.  If you feel your situation warrants such an agreement, please contact the Financial Aid office and make an appointment with the Director. 


Cuesta as a Host Institution

Cuesta College will enter into consortium agreements as a host institution on a case-by-case, term-by-term basis.  Upon approval by the Director of Financial Aid, each party to the contract will have its own responsibilities. Note that approvals are not automatic and are rarely given; students should not make plans based on a consortium agreement until approval has been obtained.  

Students will:

  • Provide Cuesta with a fully signed and completed version of the consortium agreement prepared by the home institution;
  • Provide Cuesta with enrollment status and cost of attendance at the home institution (that at least includes tuition, fees, and room & board charges); AND
  • Inform Cuesta and the home institution immediately when there is a change in enrollment status (e.g. dropping or adding courses at Cuesta);


Cuesta will:

  • Provide the home institution with an unofficial transcript at the end of the term;
  • Provide the home institution with information about the student's enrollment status, local cost of attendance, and any financial aid awarded; AND
  • Provide the home institution with any other information required under the specific consortium agreement;


The home institution will:

  • Be responsible for maintaining all information on student eligibility, award calculations, disbursements, and any other relevant documentation; AND
  • Be responsible for the institutional portion of any return of Title IV funds in the case of withdrawal or overpayment;