1. Apply to Cuesta College

New or former students, absent two (2) or more semesters,
excluding summer session must submit admission application.

2. Submit Form 22-1995

Submit online or complete fillable Form 22-19995 to change
your program or place of training.

3. Submit transcripts

Request official transcripts from all other colleges/universities
attended, including high school. Request military transcripts
online through JST (Joint Services Transcript)
or Credentials Service for Air Force transcripts.

4. Complete Assessment

English and mathematics assessment testing provides
placement towards achieving your educational goals.

5. Complete Online Orientation

In myCuesta, go to Student tab, Steps to Success channel,
then click on Online Orientation.

6. Complete SEP

Make an appointment with a counselor. Ensure the counselor
knows that you are a veteran dependent and that you are
using the GI Bill.

7. Submit NOBE

Bring NOBE (Form DD 2384-1, Notice of Basic Eligibility)
to the VRC for priority registration.

8. Register

Register in myCuesta for classes on your SEP. Only classes
related to your educational goal are eligible for certification.

9. Get Certified

→ Call (805) 546-3142 to make an appointment.
→ Bring in copy of your SEP, NOBE, and letter of eligibility.
You must get certified every semester!

You must also certify your attendance at the end of each month via WAVE online.