The Education Tax Credit began in 1998 and has now been updated. Effective with tax year 2009, the American Opportunity Credit replaced the Hope Scholarship Credit. Please read this important information in the IRS links below:

  • myCuesta Fees History

Cuesta College in compliance with the Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) of 1997 will provide a 1098T form to students who enrolled in credit courses and were charged eligible fees at Cuesta College during each academic year, including:

  •  Each student enrolled in Spring, Summer, and Fall terms.

Cuesta College will NOT provide a 1098T to students:

  •  whose eligible fees were waived (i.e., scholarship and/or BOGW) or those who received financial aid in amounts greater than the eligible fees charged.

The 1098T is the tax form required to support the student's claim for the American Opportunity Credit, or other eligible tax credit program, and includes enrollment information and fee information. Cuesta reports the eligible fees charged NOT payments made by the student. The 1098T is sent to the student's permanent address on record with Cuesta (check myCuesta info) at the time of printing in early January of the year following enrollment.

Eligible Fees charged for the American Opportunity Credit are included in the 1098T's provided to students.

Eligible fees to be reported include: Enrollment Fee, Non-Resident Tuition Fee, Course Fee, and Student Center Fee.

Fees not eligible and not included: Health Fee, ASCC ID Card, Student Representation Fee, and Parking Fee.

What Tax Preparer Needs: We encourage all students to keep their registration receipts to provide proof of fees paid within the calendar year, regardless of the term of enrollment. Cuesta will provide the eligible fees charged, so students will need to provide proof of the amounts paid to their tax preparer. We suggest that you contact your tax preparer for the best documentation to use to show fees paid.

Fee Payment documentation may be obtained from:

  •  Fee receipt received at the time of registration.
  • Accessing the Fees History screen.
  • Questions regarding fees; contact the Cuesta College Cashier's Office.
  • Contact your tax preparer or the IRS for questions about eligible fees.
  • Remember to save ALL your registration fee receipts showing your payments for each tax year.
For additional questions about your eligibility for the TRA97 education tax credits please contact the IRS or consult your tax advisor.