Look to the links to the right for a plethera of study guides and tips on how to step up your education game! Below you will find helpful web links to fuel your knowledge base for ultimate college success! 


Khan Academy

Free, self-paced video lessons on all sorts of subjects

College Info Geek

Follow Thomas Frank on his quest to conquor all hacks, apps, and info for success in college and beyond. His blog, podcast, and YouTube channel deliver bites sized and well researched chunks of wisdom that are easy to understand and apply.

How to Study

Learn time management, memory and concentration, dealing with test anxiety, and much more

Cal Poly Academic Skills pages

Tips for balancing school and kids, taking notes during lectures, and more.

Study Skills Resources

How to read strategically, manage your time, improve memory, and more.

Dartmouth Academic Skills videos

Videos on skills like time management, note-taking, stress management, etc.


Purdue Online Writing Lab

Information about grammar, writing essays, citing sources, and other writing issues

Career Skills & Info

California Career Café

Career skills like writing a resume, plus job listings for California students

Life-Changing Ideas

TED Talks

Entertaining talks by experts on all kinds of subjects, plus powerful personal stories

Growth Mindset

You have the potential to get smarter and make learning more satisfying.

TED Talk on Grit

Grit is more important than “talent” on the journey to success.

“You Can Grow Your Intelligence”

An article about the brain’s ability to improve

“Brainology” by Carol Dweck

An article about the power of mindset