SAN LUIS OBISPO – The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery at Cuesta College is pleased to announce Between Ordinary, an exhibition featuring the works of acclaimed artist Marie Schoeff. The exhibition will run from July 17 to Aug. 16, with an opening event on July 18 from 4-6 pm and a closing celebration on Aug. 15 from 4:30-7:30 pm, including an artist talk from 6-7 pm in Room 6304.

Marie Schoeff’s art invites viewers to engage with their surroundings through a lens of gentle, precise observation. Schoeff has immersed herself in the world she depicts, viewing herself as an integral part of the reality she examines. Her work reflects a humble yet profound connection to the world, standing in contrast to the assertiveness of scientific or economic observation. Schoeff’s extensive body of work spanning four decades, including drawings, prints, and oils on canvas, showcases her attentiveness and invites viewers to share in her discoveries. Notable pieces include the contrasting line arrangements in Face Up (2019) and her embossed drypoint etchings (2014-2018). Her recent small-scale ink sketches offer a compelling comparison to her earlier ink works from 2014.

Schoeff's works reveal new details upon repeated viewings, offering fresh insights with each encounter. This is exemplified in her 2018 monoprints, sequentially entitled Day 1, Day 2 and so on. Inspired by her husband, artist Dane Goodman, Schoeff employs a unique trace drawing-monotype technique, creating ghostly images with each repetition, as seen in Rouleau Fantome (2009) and Spire (2010). Her art challenges the traditional notion of the “artist's touch,” emphasizing the relationship of art to its surroundings. Her works suggest that understanding art’s immersion in the world is more critical than venerating the artist’s genius. Each piece conveys a sense of completeness while allowing room for interpretation and reexamination, immersing viewers in her unique perspective of reality.

“Marie Schoeff's Between Ordinary exhibition offers a profound exploration of our surroundings through her unique artistic lens, satisfying the senses, engaging the intellect, exciting the imagination, and transforming uncertainty into wonder and amazement,” says Tim Stark, Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery Coordinator. “Her work invites and allows viewers to change themselves, stirring the soul and encouraging personal transformation.”

The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery is in Room 7170 at the Cuesta College San Luis Obispo campus. Admission to the gallery is free. Please visit the gallery webpage or call (805) 546-3202 for a schedule of exhibits and hours of operation. For additional information, please email