Erin Naegle, Dean

Cluster 1



Elizabeth Lobo (Division Chair)
Melissa Swager (Division Assistant) 


William Demarest (Mathematics Chair)
Fatma Shihadeh (Division Assistant)

Physical Sciences

Bret Clark (Division Chair)
Melissa Swager (Division Assistant) 

Aubrey Kuan Roderick, Dean

Cluster 2



Thomas Patchell (Division Chair)                                                             Anna Greene (Division Assistant)

Fine Arts

Doug Highland (Division Chair)
Magnolia Stork (Division Assistant)

Languages & Communications

Beth Ann Dumas (Division Chair)
Anna Paez (Division Assistant)

Performing Arts

John Knutson (Division Chair)
Michelle Wright (Division Assistant)

Mozell Person, Dean

Cluster 3


Applied Behavioral Sciences

Cherie Moore (Division Chair)
Vickie Schemmer (Division Assistant)

Business Education

Susan Kline (Division Chair)
Tiffanie Kerr (Division Assistant)

Social Sciences

Brent LaMon (Division Chair)
Anna Paez (Division Assistant)

Oscar Ramos, Dean

Cluster 4


Engineering & Technology

David Fernandez (Division Chair)
Tiffanie Kerr (Division Assistant)

Kinesiology, Health Sciences, & Athletics

Allison Head (Division Chair)
Nancy Webb (Division Assistant)

Nursing & Allied Health

Monica Millard (Division Chair)                                                        Beth Johnson (Associate Dean of Nursing)                                Michael Smiley (Interim Director of Paramedic Program)
Nikki Rocha (Division Assistant)

Ryan Cartnal, Executive Director

Cluster 5


Matthew Green, Director, Community Engagement               Nanette Piña-Stevens, Prog. Specialist, Community Engagement

Kristina Vastine, Associate Director, Dual Enrollment
CCAP (College and Career Access Pathways)

Wes Martin, Coordinator
Community Programs

Mia Ruiz, Dean

Cluster 6


    Continuing Education                         

        Vacant, Director of Continuing Education & Special Programs

Library & Learning Resources

Carina Love, Division Chair                                                            Vacant, (Division Assistant)  Contact:

Student Development and Success  

Amy Kayser, Division Chair                                                            Vacant, (Division Assistant)  Contact: