Academic Affairs, Faculty to 67 Percent Load, 80

Vocational Nursing Hours Requirements, 106

Business Education, Lead Paralegal Faculty, 107

Academic Affairs, Lead Ceramics Lead Faculty, 108

Substitutes, Long Term Pay at Regular Step-Column, 113

Business Education, Hospitality Lead Instructor Stipend, 129

Nursing Allied Health, Pay for Temporary Faculty Office Hours, 132

Academic Affairs, Social Science Morgan Sabbatical Postponement, 138

Physical Education, Coaching-Teaching on Flex Days, 139

Art History/Digital Arts Lead Faculty, 143

Construction Lead Faculty, 145

Joint Tenure Review Committee 9-2012, 148

Increased Work Hours-PT Counselors, 151

Increased Work Hours-Clayton & Lloyd, 153

CCFT AFLAC Enrollment, 156

Academic Affairs, Increases to Course Caps, 157

Nursing, Human Patient Simulator (HPS) Liaison, 168

Evaluation Procedures and Tenure Review Process, 172

Academic Affairs, Nursing, Human Patient Simulator Liaison, Vickie Velenziano, 176

Academic Affairs, SLO Assessment Coordinator, Roland Finger, 177

Academic Affairs, Division Chair and NCC Coordinator Compensation, 178

Academic Affairs, Technology Resource Instructor, Michele McAustin, 181

Academic Affairs, Technology Resource Instructor, Cynthia Wilshusen, 182

Academic Affairs, Basic Skill Initiative (BSI) Coordinator, Regina Voge, 185

Academic Affairs, LVN Program Assistant Director, Mary Ann Ambrose, 186

Academic Affairs, Paramedic Program Director, Heather Tucker, 188

Academic Affairs, Coordination of the Center for Cultural and Performing Arts, Jennifer Martin, 189

Academic Affairs, Flex Days for Teaching-Nursing and Allied Health, 190

Academic Affairs, Jessica Gonsalves Evaluation Postponement to Spring 2015, 191

Revised Insurance Pool 2015-2016, 192

Academic Affairs, CPAC, Jennifer Martin Spring 2015, 194

Academic Affairs, Berta Parrish Spring 2015 Evaluation Postponement, 196

Enhanced Non-Credit ESL Represented, July 2015, 200

LVN Program Assistant Director, Mary Ann Ambrose, 2015-2016, 201

Technology, Resource Instructor, Michele McAustin, Summer 2015, 202

Technology, Resource Instructor, Cynthia Wilshusen, Summer 2015, 203

Technology, Resource Instructor, Megan Pope, Summer 2015, 204

Enhanced Non-Credit ESL Represented, July 2015, Revised, 205

Academic Affairs Dual Enrollment Summer 2015, 206

Lead Faculty in PDS and PEDS, 207

Faculty in Cooperative Work Experience, 208

Nursing-Allied Health Equipment Ordering Services, Kelli Bartel 2015-16, 209

Insurance Pool Extension, Fall 2015, 210

EMS Paramedic Program Director, 212

DSPS Specialist Hours, 214

Faculty Fringe Contribution Increase, 215

CPAC Fall 2015, Jennifer Martin, 216

Human Patient Simulator & Skills Lab Liaison 2015-2016, 218

Large Lecture 2015-2016 Revised, 219

Talmadge Peer Evaluation Postponed to Fall 2016, 220

Norma Ortiz Evaluation Postponed Indefinitely, 221

Biological Sciences Condensed Calendar Development, Ed Conklin, 2015-2016, 222

Construction Plan and Program Development, Daniel Knight, Spring 2016, 223

Evaluation Postponed, Cheryl Ziehl, Fall 2016, 225

Triennial Evaluation Postponed, Rosalie Pritzlaff, Fall 2016, 228

Instructional Design Evaluation Forms, Fall 2017, 288