San Luis Obispo and North County Campus
Planning, Capital Projects, Measure L Bond,
Maintenance, Operations, and Grounds

Facilities Services Office


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Measure L $275M Bond - Bond construction and renovation projects

Employee Service Telephone Email
Mark Cano, Asst Director of Bond Projects Measure L Bond (805) 592-9450
Patrice Eley, Bond Fiscal Analyst Measure L Bond (805) 592-9847

Vehicle Scheduling - Van and vehicle reservations

Employee Service Telephone Email
Michael Carroll, Department Assistant Vans & Vehicle Scheduling (805) 592-9950

25Live Administrator - Room and event scheduling

Employee Service Telephone Email
Renee Metoyer, Special Events and Project Assistant 25Live Administrator (805) 592-9017

Facilities Maintenance

Employee Service Telephone Email
Robert "Bob" Richerson Skilled Maintenance (805) 592-9016


Employee Service Telephone Email
Scott DeMello, Supervisor Groundskeeping (805) 592-9518

Custodial Services

Employee Service Telephone Email
Glenda Ferguson, Interim Supervisor    Custodial Services (805) 592-9340

Facilities Services Outcomes:

  • Facilities Services will adequately maintain current building condition levels during shortfall and physical plant growth as assessed by the Facilities Condition Analysis Report.
  • Facilities Services will maintain required cleaning levels in the learning and working environment as assessed by industry standards, health and safety regulations and staff surveys.
  • Facilities Services will maintain grounds form and function as assessed by health and safety regulations and staff surveys.
  • Facilities Services will continuously research and implement utility cost saving measures as assessed by audits.
  • Facilities Services will maintain a current, well-maintained fleet of vehicles for use by District departments as assessed by audits and user surveys.
  • Facilities Services will ensure safe and predictable equipment operations in area with specialized services as assessed by audits and safety records.
  • Facilities Services will service and maintain a "Class A" fire detection system campus-wide as assessed by regulation audits.
  • Facilities Services will ensure Health Code and safety compliance as assessed by regulation audits.
  • Facilities Services will provide appropriate emergency response as assessed with emergency debriefings.
  • Facilities Services will provide effective and timely telecommunication for the District as assessed by staff, student and community surveys.
  • Facilities Services will ensure that purchases for capital outlay projects will be within budget and while meeting the needs of the facility's users as assessed by project fund audits and assessed by staff.
  • Public Safety will provide and coordinate required, current, timely and effective safety training as assessed by audits and staff surveys.

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